10 Best Bromances Over The Years In Popular TV Shows

Everyone likes a good bromance. It is a close, but non-sexual relationship between men. It exceeds the usual friendship bar and is distinguished by a particularly high level of emotional intimacy. In television shows, it is often seen bromance being the main and center relationship that guides the show throughout, whether in happy or sad moments. Half of the funny stuff, jokes, and running gags come from the on-screen bromance chemistry of the characters. Let’s check out some of the brilliantly written bromances.

Jake and Boyle

Don’t you just love them? Both the characters are so beautifully defined and written. Jake being the alpha and Boyle being the underdog in their bromance is what the audience has always loved to watch. We all have shipped #Joyle more than #Jamy. Remember when Boyle had a head full of white hair due to stress because Jake was in jail? Now that’s what I call a true bromance. I love Boyle and his famous quote that “he doesn’t want to father any stupid child, who hasn’t met Jake!”. It shows his true love and admiration for Jake.

Joey and Chandler

We cannot write about bromances and not mention the obvious and the inevitable bromance of TV- Joey and Chandler. They actually told us the true meaning of this word and have lived up to it throughout the 10 seasons of FRIENDS. Joey has sacrificed his love life for Chandler and has always prioritized him. They just do everything together! From watching television to going on to Knicks games to inventing dangerous games like Fireball. The duo just cannot survive without each other.

Kelso and Fez

Best Bromances In TV Shows
Best Bromances In TV Shows

Being a huge fan of that 70s show, I have understood the true meaning of male friendships. It’s so fun and emotional at the same time. Kelso and Fez are so cool together. They both have stupidity in common and they never fail to make you laugh. They’re closest to each other in the group. However, it seems that Fez has a little crush on Kelso (honestly, who wouldn’t!). He often remarks on Kelso’s good looks and even gets angry when Kelso doesn’t pay enough attention to him and Kelso enjoys hanging out with Fez. Fez develops a liking for Jackie, who was Kelso’s ex-girlfriend and they get together in the final season, but that doesn’t affect their friendship.

Ted and Barney

Haaaaaave you met Ted? Barney gave us the ultimate wingman line while setting up his single friend, Ted, and if that isn’t the ultimate friendship goal, then I don’t know what is. It’s a running gag in the show that Marshall and Barney often fight about who is Ted’s best friend, and while both are his best friend, Ted sometimes seems to have more fun with Barney. Their bro-code is as sacred as the holy bible, and they both always follow it.

Leonard and Sheldon

Let’s admit, it is so hard to live with Sheldon and hear his constant blabbering for almost a decade. As much as we love Sheldon, but we have to admit how annoying and obnoxious he can be and there is only one person who can handle him and that is Leonard. Without him, Sheldon doesn’t stand a chance to have friends or social life. We do feel sorry for Leonard sometimes for putting up with Sheldon, but we gotta love Leonard as much as Sheldon does.

Ted and Marshall

Best Bromances In TV Shows
Best Bromances In TV Shows

We have often heard of college romance, but we have to admit that college bromance is even better. Ted and Marshall give us the ultimate friendship goals by being friends after college and probably all their lives.  They both have stayed with each other through thick and thin. They both know each other’s secrets and are the two people who have known each other for the longest. Ted was Marshall’s best man when he and Lily got married. Marshall was Ted’s biggest supporter and was always there for his best bro.

Raj and Howard

Best Bromances In TV Shows
Best Bromances In TV Shows

Rajesh and Howard were really close and gave us the ultimate best friend goals. They were a little co-dependent on each other and did everything together. Howard was the one who used to help Raj communicate when he couldn’t talk in front of girls, because of his social anxiety, which was really sweet. They both have even kissed and attended events as dress-up partners, but who are we to complain when Bernadette is fine with it! We enjoyed every bit of their friendship and Raj being the godfather to Howard’s kid only proves how closely knit they were.

Sherlock and Watson

Fan Favorite Mystery TV Shows

It’s difficult to be Sherlock’s friend, due to the fact that Sherlock is an anti-social sociopath, but Watson despite being put off by his methods, helped Sherlock to see the world from a different perspective. Isn’t that what friends do? Accept us with our flaws and help us to be better. Sherlock’s quirkiness and Watson’s calm nature is a perfect blend of a bromance story, making the duo one of the most famous detective stories in the world.

Harvey and Mike

Harvey is technically Mike’s boss, but the viewers didn’t feel that way for even one second. Their chemistry was just out of this world from the moment they met. Their first meeting was one of the most entertaining scenes of the show. Who says you need a friend of a similar age group to have a bromance? Mike and Harvey are a perfect example of bromance in a workplace, where you can work hard and party even harder with your bro!

Walden and Alan

Best Bromances In TV Shows
Best Bromances In TV Shows

No, they are not gay! And yes, they married and kissed each other, but that was just to adopt a baby together in the final season! I personally love Ashton Kutcher and his chemistry with Jon Cryer was really interesting to watch. Walden was forced to live together with Alan, because of Alan’s homelessness and him being a leech. But this forced friendship later turned into a genuine bromance and we loved it. Walden has helped Alan and his family in every possible way and Alan in return has done everything to please Walden and to maintain their relationship rock solid.

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