Flash Season 2: Gorilla Grodd vs The Flash

The Flash episode titled “Gorilla warfare” brought Grodd back into the Central city. He kills a couple of lab technicians through mind control abilities who stole some brain enhancing drugs, then he kidnaps Caitlin Snow and asks her how he was created and to find a way to cure him. This was particularly a weak episode as Grodd’s storyline did’nt take the narrative forward, but there were few great moments in the episode:

Prof. Harrison Wells of Earth-2 puts on Reverse Flash outfit:

Harrison Wells of Earth-2 dons a Reverse Flash outfit as he was the one who created Grodd, in order to rescue Caitlin.

Henry Allen is Back:

In the last episode, we saw how Zoom destroyed Flash which crushed his spirit. He soon healed but he lost confidence in himself to save the city from evil. Iris West brought Henry Allen into the Central city, he helped Barry to get his mojo back and fight Grodd to save Caitlin.

Cisco vibing Hawkgirl:

Cisco went on a date with the restaurant girl, the moment he touched her, he saw visions of her flying with wings like a birdman. Later, when they kissed, the visions were even stronger.

Gorilla Grodd is sent to Gorilla city:

Finally, Flash gains his speed powers and push Grodd with his supersonic punch to be swallowed by the portal. He arrives at the Gorilla city of Earth-2, where he is likely to rise to power if TV version decides to go the comic book way.


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