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How Moon Knight Can Be The Key To Defeat Kang

Marvel is no surprise to stories that have intricate details that are laid in the storylines. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is only a hint to how the major characters are laid out in the movies. Each and every story of the comic books is responsible for how the detailing is essential to figuring out why certain characters navigate. Marvel is responsible for giving us some of the most interesting characters that are very well established and live up to the exceptions of their characteristics. Fan theories are very essential and have been working out ever since the comic books and Marvel invests in these fan theories to give us some of their works. Here’s a look at how Moon Knight can be the Key to defeat Kang the Conqueror and how that could also impact the MCU.

Moon Knight Vs. Kang The Conqueror

In #3 of Moon Knight, Marvel revealed that Moon Knight might be a key player in defeating Kang once and for all. Based on the events of both Moon Knight and the larger Marvel Universe it has been found that Khonshu, the patron god of Moon Knight is Khonshu. The latter has had many champions throughout the history of the Marvel comics. Not only that but they also have a very complicated history with Kang the Conqueror. This might actually play an essential part in the downfall of the latter.


Moon Knight

If we go through Egyptian mythology, Khonshu was actually the patron god of those who travel during night times. Khonshu chose the mercenary Marc Spector as his champion. Spector is popularly known for his identity as the crime fighter Moon Knight. Last year in one of the stories that Moon Knight makes an appearance in, in the Avengers. This story actually saw a very massive change in the relationship between Khonshu and Spector. It appears that the latter has actually moved away from his patron god but continues to still honor him through his Midnight Mission. Now, this is something that not everyone is taking very lightly, especially Hunter’s Moon. The issue (written by Jed MacKay) then explored the history of the god’s champion as the new Fist of Khonshu takes on Moon Knight.


Moon Knight can be the Key to defeat Kang

This revelation is done using the means of the disagreement that Hunter’s Moon has with Moon Knight regarding the latter’s choices. Hunter’s Moon reminds Moon Knight about all the previous fists of Khonshu, which appears to be a lineage that stretches back to ancient Egypt. Along with this reminder, he also lets Moon Knight know that Moon Knight should have memories regarding all these people who came before him and this will include their fighting skills and the information and details these people had regarding their enemies.


Kang The Conqueror

In Kang the Conqueror #2, which is also on sale now we get to explore a possible link to this storyline. Here we find a young Kang who was pure of heart and who had no hints of the tyrant that he would end up being much later in the future. He travels to ancient Egypt where he encounters Ravonna Renslayer, who was actually the Fist of Khonshu for her era. She was donning an outfit that closely resembles that of Moon Knight’s. While this is only one encounter with the Fist of Khonshu, there is a chance that there were more such encounters. This is on the basis of the fact that Kang had spent a considerable amount of time in that era, both as the Scarlet Centurion or the pharaoh known as Rama-Tut and even the champions of Khonshu after Renslayer had stayed local to Egypt.


How Moon Knight Cab Be The Key To Defeat Kang…

Moon Knight should be able to access Renslayer’s memories of Kang and that might play a key role in defeating the latter. Not only that but Kang could also use this as a means to find out what had happened to Renslayer. Avid fans may know that Kang had fallen in love with Renslayer but later lost her to Rama-Tut. Moon Knight also has an upper hand with the fact that he is not an ordinary Fist of Khonshu and there are actually a lot of Fists of Khonshu which might pay off for Moon Knight in beating Kang the Conqueror.


How Could This Impact The MCU?

Moon Knight can be the Key to defeat Kang

This is an important detail as the Marvel Cinematic Universe might end up invoking this into Phase 4. Considering Kang is already set to appear in a much more daunting form in the second season of the Disney Plus show Loki. Plus Moon Knight is also set to appear in his own series and thus become an official addition to the roster of new Marvel characters. Based on the theories Kang might be the next big baddie after the Infinity Saga. This important detail regarding Moon Knight might actually play out majorly as a very interesting plot point.

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