10 Things About the Harry Potter Series That Don’t Make Sense

Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises in the world and has the biggest fandom across the world. The movies were great and the books magical but there are some things that cannot be overlooked and don’t make a lot of sense. There are some things in the wizarding world that make little sense and these are some of them:

10. The use of the unbreakable vow:

According to the movies, the unbreakable vow is a spell through which two wizards can make a promise and if they break it they can die. The vow sounds like something too convenient for villains to use. Still we never see Voldemort using it on the death eaters and other people.

9. The Millennium Bridge:

At the beginning of the movie adaptation of the Half blood prince, we see a muggle bridge collapse because of the death eaters. This scene is crucial as it shows how the muggles got involved in the war and death eaters did not give a damn about wizard secrecy. The problem however is that the bridge that was used was built in year 2000 and is called the ‘millenium bridge’ whereas the events of the movie are supposed to have happened in 1996.

8. Lily Potter’s eyes:

We all know well that Harry is supposed to have his mother’s green eyes right? Daniel Radcliffe has blue eyes and because he had some issues in wearing coloured contacts they didn’t make his eyes green, fair enough. They also hired a blue eyed actress to play the adult Lily and it was still ok. In the last movie however we see the younger version of Lily and she has brown eyes! It felt like the makers simply didn’t care anymore.

7. Harry using magic outside school:

The books and movies have made it very clear in the past how students are not allowed to use magic outside school till the age of 17. In POA however we see Harry using magic in the very first scene of the movie. He is not trying to protect himself from dementors but merely practicing a spell.

6. Voldemort’s timing:

In almost every book and movie in the series we see that the attack from Voldemort happens at the end of the school year. The reason for this is never explained but Voldy definitely follows the Hogwarts time table and never interrupts with Harry’s studying and assignments. So considerate!

5. The overuse of ‘Expelliarmus’:

There are different spells for different things and when in a duel you must strive for the ones you know well and that can harm your opponent. In the books we have a variety of spells that are used but the movies were a bit lazy in this area. ‘Expelliarmus’ or the disarming charm is overused in the films.

4. The Trace:

This rule applies to all underage wizards in the wizarding world and not just Hogwarts students. All underage wizards are restricted from using magic outside  school and the trace keeps track of them to the government. This is to ensure that young wizards and witches don’t risk their lives and the secrecy of the magical world in front of muggles unless it is a life threatening situation. Still many underage wizards are not always able to control their magical abilities.

3. Wizards are unaware of technology:

A major part of the Potter series is that the wizarding world is too backward when it comes to technology and advancement of science. One can say that the magical folk have no need of technology because they have magic and that does make sense but the fact that they are sometimes too ignorant is absurd. Ron didn’t know what a telephone was and they still use quills and parchments and electricity is still a new concept to wizards.

2. How do wizard kids learn other skills?

The muggle-born kids go to a muggle school before they go to wizardry schools to learn magic and this explains how they know their languages and maths and other skills taught in schools. Kids from wizard families however don’t go to any such institution and it makes us wonder how would they know all those skills required to even study at a magical school later. Do their parents homeschool them?

1. Trusting a teenager with a time turner:

Hermione received the time turner from Professor McGonagall and even though the intention was simply to help a curious and responsible student with her classes but the fact that a professor trusted a teenager with a device that can meddle with time is too dangerous. Hermione may have been a responsible student but she was just a teenager and could have changed timelines by mistake and create disasters like the cursed child.

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