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  • Jan- 2021 -
    29 January
    HollywoodRunning Gags of The TV Shows

    Running Gags of The TV Shows That Were Never Revealed

    Television has the power to bring our dreams and imagination to life, No matter what the genre is we always find ourselves truly devoted and indulged in those which catch our eyes and capture our minds. Shows are always there to flip your mood with their real or reel plotlines and storytelling. But one thing that comes up with being…

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  • 6 January
    TelevisionBest Bromances In Popular TV Shows

    10 Best Bromances Over The Years In Popular TV Shows

    Everyone likes a good bromance. It is a close, but non-sexual relationship between men. It exceeds the usual friendship bar and is distinguished by a particularly high level of emotional intimacy. In television shows, it is often seen bromance being the main and center relationship that guides the show throughout, whether in happy or sad moments. Half of the funny…

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  • 5 January
    HollywoodCo-Stars Don’t Like Each Other

    Famous Co-Stars Who Don’t Like Each Other In Real Life

    There is always someone we don’t like much or cannot stand, due to personal reasons or their certain habits or vibes that don’t match with ours and that’s okay, as long as it is not affecting us or others for long. We all are different, and we gel with our own kind and feel relaxed around them only. Actors are…

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  • 5 January
    HollywoodCharlotte Worst Character of Sex And The City

    Why Charlotte Was Delusional And Probably The Worst Character of Sex And The City

    Sex And The City was about four independent women in New York City who were finding love, career, and relationship solutions to survive, which is basically what everyone is looking for! But what made SATC different and interesting was the fact that it was completely women-centric and probably the first show that showed sex and relationship problems from a female…

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  • 4 January
    TelevisionEnding Joey And Phoebe Together

    Did Friends Make a Mistake by Not Ending Joey And Phoebe Together?

    So many years have passed since the greatest show about friendship and love first aired, but we still debate, discuss and re-watch it again and again, just to feel better and get lost in their perfect world. One debate that hasn’t died is whether Joey and Phoebe should have ended together. But let’s get some clarity on why they weren’t…

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  • 2 January
    TelevisionRachel Green Lead of Friends

    Why Did We Think Rachel Green Was The Main Lead of Friends?

    It’s been more than 25 years since we saw the most magical union of friends in a coffee shop for the first time. Little did we know that those six friends, living in the USA, will become such a huge part of our lives. 25 years later and it still feels so relevant and fresh. Three minutes into the pilot…

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  • Dec- 2020 -
    25 December
    CelebsActors Not Famous Anymore

    10 Hollywood Actors Who Are Not Famous Anymore

    Popularity can be really empowering, but at the same time, it’s so fragile and delicate that it’s broken or snatched away in no time. We all want to be popular and famous, but the consequences it holds are so brutal.  Popularity isn’t all that glory that we see and sometimes it isn’t that fulfilling too, but we all want to…

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  • 25 December

    Seven Times Goku Needed Someone to Save His Ass In A Fight

    We all need someone to rely upon and survive through. It can be for a day, an hour, or for life. Now we don’t expect our heroes to take the support of others, especially superheroes in movies, anime, etc. But we have to burst your bubble and tell you when the great Goku needed someone’s help in Dragon Ball, otherwise,…

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  • Nov- 2020 -
    28 November

    Attack on Titan- Best Fan-Based Theories That Will Have You Rethinking Everything

    Attack on Titan, a single show that can make you jump and lose all your cool and control, sure has managed to make us wrap our heads around all the possibilities and crazy things that can happen in the ultimate and final season. Making it extremely difficult for us to maintain our ground, the show truly has shown us some…

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  • 26 November

    Super Powers You Didn’t Know Goku Had, Until Now

    The legendary Super Saiyan, protector of Earth, and one of the strongest characters in anime ever, Goku has a lot of different powers and abilities to show. While most people with unmatched knowledge of the Dragon Ball Universe knows about his various transformations, he has a few lesser-known techniques as well. These 6 powers don’t appear much often in Dragon Ball, but when Goku uses…

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  • 22 November

    Top 10 Strongest And Powerful Rivals of Goku

    What is Dragon Ball without rivalries? Rivals are a staple of Dragon Ball. From as early as the first story arc, Goku has faced many rivals. Dragon Ball never lingered on just one rivalry. The rivalry is the essence of the whole show and it has only made Goku the strongest and the most popular Anime character of all times. Now…

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  • 18 November
    AnimeNext Form of Vegeta is More Powerful Than Goku

    Annoying Anime Cliché We Are Tired of Watching

    If you’ve watched anime, there are some tricks you’ve surely caught onto. Anime can’t do without the same old clichés that have now somehow ended up becoming endearing and annoyed. I hope new anime doesn’t keep pulling these same tricks. Not that they’re all bad all the time, but they simply reek of unoriginal writing. Which instantly decreases the entertainment…

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  • 13 November

    Reasons That Will Convince You Why Dragon Ball Is The Best Anime Ever

    Why Dragon Ball Is The Best Anime? The success of the Dragon Ball franchise has been nothing short of a miracle. The show has an unmatched legacy and a groundbreaking record. There are tons of Anime out there, but none has been so relevant, even after three decades. Many anime creators have admitted that their shows have been inspired from…

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  • Oct- 2020 -
    25 October

    10 Dragon Ball Storylines That Were Never Explained And Left Us With Burning Questions

    Dragon Ball is such an iconic and legendary show. With the passage of time, one finds itself lingering to the show more than one admits. But a show as long as this one tends to contain some hazy storylines and abandon some of its own plots and sub-plots, which left the fans to wonder why? Written over the course of ten…

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  • 19 October
    AnimeAnime Nerds Binge Watch

    7 Reasons Why Anime Nerds Don’t Like to Binge-Watch Anything Else

    With the growth in the field of technology and communication, one cannot deny the wild spread of anime like a forest fire across the world. With time we all have grown up to the idea of watching the influence of the Japanese world. We have always somehow felt an absolute connection with it. Anime has its way of defining the…

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  • 17 October
    AnimeLatest Anime Hardcore Fan

    Latest Anime You Should Watch If You Are a Hardcore Fan

    Latest Anime Hardcore Fan: Animes take you to a different world altogether. It is a fantasy world with a hint of reality. Anime seems to have a universal appeal to it. Anime has always provided a model for survival and hope, and it opens a possibility of a world that we can only imagine. So, here are some latest animes…

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  • 16 October
    AnimeAnime Characters Main Leads

    10 Anime Characters Who Didn’t Deserve To Be Main Leads

    Anime Characters Main Leads: Firstly, please don’t hate me if you see your favorite character on this list. These are some of the characters who were good but were overhyped because of the crazy fandoms who are so stubborn.  1. Ash Ketchum: Pokémon Pokémon was probably one of the first anime that made us fall in love with animes. Ash…

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  • Jan- 2020 -
    4 January
    AnimeMy Hero Academia Moments

    My Hero Academia Moments That Made Us Look At Our Lives Differently

    There is just one thing that anime lovers can agree with is that anime is not just a solid storyline with an amazing plot twist, it’s an emotion and a path for great life-altering revelation and modification. My Hero Academia has a platform for all emotions starting from the action, fights, hero-villain stuff to developing character, attitude, and relationships with…

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