Super Powers You Didn’t Know Goku Had, Until Now

The legendary Super Saiyan, protector of Earth, and one of the strongest characters in anime ever, Goku has a lot of different powers and abilities to show. While most people with unmatched knowledge of the Dragon Ball Universe knows about his various transformations, he has a few lesser-known techniques as well.

These 6 powers don’t appear much often in Dragon Ball, but when Goku uses them, they give him the edge he needs to win against some impossibly powerful foes. And without the, neither Goku nor the series would have survived and been so intriguing and interesting to watch. After all Dragon Ball series is all about fighting and showing off the cool and unprecedented techniques and powers.

 1. Flight

Goku’s ability to fly has an unknown starting point, but I think it comes naturally in the Dragon Ball series. And he uses this power the most. Goku is one of the few characters in Dragon Ball to master flight without the use of ki, which is astonishing as only full-blooded Saiyans are born with the innate ability to fly. This is a pretty amazing and useful power, given Goku’s tournaments where the flying comes in handy.

 2. No Hair Growth

Imagine how easy our lives would be if you’re fighting a battle that will determine the fate of the universe, without worrying about your over-grown hair. Sounds dreamy, right? Goku never has to worry about it, luckily.

Next Form of Vegeta is More Powerful Than Goku

According to Vegeta “a pure Saiyan’s hair does not change from the day he is born.” Good that Goku will never have to worry about a haircut! Saiyan is capable of balding as we know it from Nappa, but only at a specific age. A Saiyan’s lifespan is similar to an Earthling’s life expectancy, but as a warrior race, they maintain their youth for a longer time.

 3. Telepathy

The origin of this power is still unknown to us, but he has mastered several forms of telepathy by the end of the Namek saga. Goku, Gohan, and Krillin are able to communicate telepathically at various points during the battle. Upon Goku’s arrival on Namek, Goku showed his ability to read minds, which we didn’t know existed by placing a hand on Krillin’s head and telepathically catching up on everything he had missed.

 4. The eye blast

Goku can blow something up in seconds just by looking and focusing at it! How amazing is that? Goku’s energy is so dynamic that he’s able to blow up an object by focusing upon it. He first used this technique on Namek to bury Vegeta, and later to defend himself from Freiza’s version of the technique. This power isn’t that useful in a battle and hardly does any damage against the opponent, but it’s still one of Goku’s coolest powers.

 5. The Healing power

Goku has been known to heal and even resurrect characters in the show. The most notable was when Goku shares his energy with Frieza, who had been facing death after getting split in two by his own Death Saucer. When Cooler attempts to avenge Frieza in the movie, Goku brings a dead bird back to life. The bird flies away completely healed, although it may be that Goku simply gave it some of his energy, as with Frieza. Maybe the rest of the Z-Fighters too have the potential to heal. They just don’t use it.

 6. Regeneration

When Goku underwent the Super Saiyan God transformation, he gained the ability to regenerate. By sending his newly obtained godly ki into his wounds, Goku is able to heal them instantly. While the extent of this power isn’t fully known at this time, it’s certainly a handy ability considering how often he gets beaten up. Although considering Goku’s love for fighting and clumsiness, this power is super necessary for him.

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