Mysterious Origin Of Boruto’s Scar Finally Unveiled (And it’s Epic)

In a recent chapter, fans finally got an explanation for the origin of Boruto’s scar, which was seen in a flash-forward in the very first chapter of this anime series. It was revealed that Boruto received the scar from Kawaki while trying to save someone dear to him. In Chapter 78, Kawaki ambushes Boruto, intending to kill him to prevent Momoshiki Otsutsuki from taking over Boruto’s body and destroying Konoha.


Sarada intervenes, but Kawaki overpowers her and is about to strike her down when Boruto jumps in and pushes her out of the way, receiving a scar on his eye and cheek in the process. The scar has been a mystery since it was first shown in the flash-forward, and fans have been eagerly waiting for an explanation. Now it’s clear that the scar is the first shot fired in the long-awaited battle between Boruto and Kawaki, which will be the main focus of the manga going forward. The actions of Boruto and Sarada in this chapter reinforce their bond and create the perfect background for a potential romance between the two.


While there have been few signs of a romance between them until now, Sarada’s determination to save Boruto and Boruto’s sacrifice of an eye to save her could lead to something more. It’s not yet clear what consequences Boruto’s wound will have, but according to Momoshiki, the boy has lost his right eye. This is consistent with what was seen in the flash-forward, where Boruto kept his eye closed until he activated the power of Karma, which transformed it into a functioning Jogan.


The Jogan is an eye technique that has only been described in the anime and has yet to be mentioned in the manga. The revelation of Boruto’s scar marks a major progression in the story toward its climax. Fans are eager to see how Boruto’s sacrifice will affect his future battles and how the relationship between Boruto and Sarada will develop. With the manga focusing on the long-awaited battle between Boruto and Kawaki, it’s sure to be an exciting ride for fans of the series.

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