5 Speedsters in The Flash Season 2

The fans of “The Flash” TV series are waiting for the next season with great expectations and enthusiasm. In the last episode of Flash Season 1, it became apparently clear that they are moving into multi-verse territory, alternative timelines, parallel universes with increased depth and passion. There are new characters including villains who are going to be introduced from Earth -2 and will literally expand the Flash Universe across time and space continuum. One of the most amazing aspect of Season 2 will be the presence of a host of speedsters fighting each other for a larger goal. Here is a list of 5 speedsters who will be present in the next season of “The Flash”:

Barry Allen (The Flash)


He is a son of Henry and Nora Allen who became a superhero “The Flash”. He was struck by lightning at the time of particle accelerator explosion and gained superspeed powers. He had the chance to save his mom in the first season, but he came back without altering the timeline.

Patty Spivot:


She has been the girlfriend of Barry Allen. It has been almost confirmed that she will become the new partner of Joe West after the demise of Eddie in season 1. She may become a female speedster for some time as well.

Wally West:


He was born to Rudolf and Mary West. He was always looked down upon by his parents, bullied by his brother. He is the successor to Barry Allen. He was given Flash costume by Barry, who trained him and took him under his wing as “Kid Flash”.

Jesse Quick:


Jesse Quick is nothing but an alter-ego of Jesse Chambers, an extraordinary woman with super-speed powers. She is part of a multi-generational superhero family. She is the daughter of Golden age superheroes – Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle and would later adopt her mother’s name. She is not a natural speedster like Zoom or Barry Allen, she derives her super speed powers through a special formula. She also has the gift to fly and she is blessed to have her mother’s qualities like sonic vibrations, superior hand to hand combat abilities apart from super speedforce. In the past, she has been a member of the Flash family, the Conglomerate, the Justice League, the Justice Society, and the Titans.



Professor Zoom is different from Zoom, former is the classic version of “Reverse flash” who was the villain in times of Barry Allen, but when Wally west became Flash, villain changed to Zoom. He moves across different worlds and timelines. He is going to be the big baddie in season 2 of the show. He is way faster than both Flash and Professor Zoom. He is yet to be casted.

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