5 Sexy Superhero Rides From Marvel and DC Universe

See my ride? Sure no superhero has ever needed to utter these words. These people, who, with great powers bring greater vehicles needed a list of their own, so here’s a list of the best superhero rides:

Silver Surfer’s Surfboard

This vehicle neither has seats to sit on nor does it have any wheels or wings, still a great deal cool, it is a surfboard that flies. But this is the least interesting thing about it. It is made up of an unknown material, is practically indestructible and is also faster than the speed of light making it an excellent ride.

Captain America’s Motorcycle

Oh yes, this had to be on our list. The modified Harley Davidson of the star spangled man has been his ride since the very beginning. Packing a tonne of horsepower and modifications to be agile this vehicle has been Cap’s best friend after his shield.

Wonder Woman’s Jet

This was Wonder Woman’s only mode of flight before her flying powers came in the1960s. Created by a morphing crystal disc, which could take any shape and become one with the person in charge, this jet was the crystal’s final form. The jet is undetectable by radar, can go at super speeds and is capable of space travel.

The Hell Cycle

This bike is sure to take you down to the highway to hell. Either shown to be chrome plated or completely black, this flaming bike with a skull in front, the ride of the Ghost Rider is apt for any person who sold his soul to the devil. The bike burns the place wherever it goes, can run straight on top of walls and no water can blow these flames away.

The Batmobile

sexy superhero rides

There is absolutely no surprise in this being on top of our list. Probably the first even superhero specific vehicle, the Batmobile is a trendsetter in itself. It would come as a shock to many that the Batmobile has had about over a hundred variations, each having its own features. Who wouldn’t love a Batmobile?

(who wouldn’t want to ride these superhero rides)

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