Annoying Anime Cliché We Are Tired of Watching

If you’ve watched anime, there are some tricks you’ve surely caught onto. Anime can’t do without the same old clichés that have now somehow ended up becoming endearing and annoyed. I hope new anime doesn’t keep pulling these same tricks. Not that they’re all bad all the time, but they simply reek of unoriginal writing. Which instantly decreases the entertainment value that could otherwise be an awesome show.

 1. Young children saving the world on their own

Annoying Anime Cliché
Annoying Anime Cliché

You can’t run an entire criminal empire or spy network when you are just a high school kid on the block! You don’t get into philosophical discussions about the meaning of happiness, world peace, and justice with terrorists and save the entire mankind. Kids get to use powerful magic, practice dangerous martial arts, put themselves in danger to help the innocent.

 2. Indecent and extra short clothes for female characters

High school girls wearing just one inch long skirts and exposed tops, is something we are fed up with. At one point the main character will act like a pervert, but still, the girl will choose him in the end and everything will be forgiven because he “loves” her. Women wearing scandalous clothes and made to look like a sex object is disgusting. The general creepiness one feels as an adult, watching teenage girls being sexualized is disturbing, and sometimes the girls are very young.

 3. The Main character acting like a pervert

Annoying Anime Cliché
Annoying Anime Cliché

This is an addition to the above point. It can be said that due to such indecent and impractical dressing of the females of the show, the guys are always drooling over them and touching them inappropriately, but all is forgiven as soon as they fall in love. It’s often shown that females are in love with their molester. The “accidental perversion and groping” is often normalized.

 4. How everything is dragged

Goku Fights in Dragon Ball

That battle scene should NOT have taken 10 episodes guys! We don’t need to know the monologues from the villain and the hero between the fights and we don’t need the characters to go into flashbacks in the middle of their fighting scene or an emotional scene, breaking the flow of the episode for the viewers.

 5. The main character is given credit for everything

Side characters are ignored and their development is not even shown. The main character is not always suitable for everything; he/she should stay behind sometimes when others have a better chance. But he/she will first ruin the situation and then fix it through some magical plot point and will be appreciated for their efforts, which doesn’t even make any sense.

 6. The over the top transforming scenes

Just like we have a ‘skip introduction’ button on Netflix. There needs to be a ‘skip transformation’ button as well. The hero is transforming for 5 minutes straight in front of the villain, while the villain just stands there in awe. This kind of senseless scenes takes away all the strength and emotion from a powerful scene or fight.

 7. Insane hair colors and hairstyles

Annoying Anime Cliché
Annoying Anime Cliché

I think I don’t even need to elaborate on this! We all have laughed and made fun of characters with weird hairstyles and that goes for every character in every anime that ever existed. I agree it sometimes makes it easier for us to remember and differentiate between the characters though.  But some of them are simply stupid and don’t even look cool.

 8. Parents just don’t seem to exist

Coming from an Indian household I have always wondered where the parents went after the 1st or 2nd episode. On one hand, the mothers are shown so protective in some anime, and after the brief introduction; the family just vanishes while their 16-year-old kid is fighting the terrorists for world peace! I agree this cliché is popular in western sitcoms too. The amount of high school kids living without any kind of adult supervision is, frankly, absurd.

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