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  • AnimeNext Form of Vegeta is More Powerful Than Goku

    Annoying Anime Cliché We Are Tired of Watching

    If you’ve watched anime, there are some tricks you’ve surely caught onto. Anime can’t do without the same old clichés that have now somehow ended up becoming endearing and annoyed. I hope new anime doesn’t keep pulling these same tricks. Not that they’re all bad all the time, but they simply reek of unoriginal writing. Which instantly decreases the entertainment…

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  • MoviesAnime on Netflix

    7 Anime on Netflix For You to Binge-Watch Right Now

    Anime has now gained large scale popularity over the years by winning our hearts. One surely can’t get a hold of themselves if they start watching them. Early anime were intended primarily for the Japanese market and employed many cultural references unique to Japan, but as the popularity peeked and captured the global market including that of India and the USA…

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  • AnimeMy Hero Academia Moments

    My Hero Academia Moments That Made Us Look At Our Lives Differently

    There is just one thing that anime lovers can agree with is that anime is not just a solid storyline with an amazing plot twist, it’s an emotion and a path for great life-altering revelation and modification. My Hero Academia has a platform for all emotions starting from the action, fights, hero-villain stuff to developing character, attitude, and relationships with…

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