My Hero Academia Moments That Made Us Look At Our Lives Differently

There is just one thing that anime lovers can agree with is that anime is not just a solid storyline with an amazing plot twist, it’s an emotion and a path for great life-altering revelation and modification. My Hero Academia has a platform for all emotions starting from the action, fights, hero-villain stuff to developing character, attitude, and relationships with one another. The story might have started with just a simple thought of showing the determination and hard work of a Quirkless kid to become the best superhero the world has ever seen before, but it has developed a lot in just a small period.

My Hero Academia has managed to show the perfect balance of all emotions and how a hero can also fall at times of need and difficulty and how a small kid too with his little mindless actions can infiltrate the mind of a hero with determination and hope at the gravest hour. Humor, action, drama, and a whole lot of other emotions together makes this show worthwhile and somewhat real to us despite its unrealistic plot. Some of such eye-opening and heartwarming moments have been listed below which proved that the show holds more than we thought it had to offer to us.

 1. Midoriya and Todoroki

My Hero Academia Moments

The sports festival, which serves as a great opportunity grounds for the upcoming heroes held a somewhat different meaning for Midoriya and later on by Todoroki. The combat between the two was quite remarkable and enjoyable as a whole but the main thing that gave it hype was Todoroki’s great realization and acceptance.

Midoriya was willing to break All Might’s promise to win the festival and put his career in line to help a classmate from some deep unsettled inner conflict was something worth remembering and admiring. Knowing how Shoto always despised his father and his quirk and refused to accept it, Midoriya broke those barriers of inner conflict and ignited the light of awakening in him by saying that it’s your power not your father’s knowing that this might end up in him losing and putting permanent physical damage on himself.

 2. Saving Eri

My Hero Academia Moments
My Hero Academia Moments

A young girl threatened and tortured on an experimental basis has a lot of emotional and mental restrain to put up with. The moment when Deku and One Million first realize that the little girl they saw at the ally was held captive they both took an oath among other pro heroes to save the little one, whatever it takes. The whole fight with over-haul and his minions was quite remarkable and emotional. The was one million loses his quirk to save Eri and Deku constantly breaks his body just by putting a big gamble on Eri’s quirk to heal him was a lot to take in.

The scene did hold great power and sacrifice which also makes it darkly pleasant to watch over and over again. The boys at the end with sheer determination to redeem their past mistake and make the girl free did after all change the future which was offered by Sir Nighteye.

 3. Rescuing Bakugou

My Hero Academia Moments
My Hero Academia Moments

When Bakugo got kidnap by the league of villains the whole world kind of shook in front of Deku and his batch mates and teachers. Even though as kids they always fought and maintained their differences they also proved that they would risk their own necks to save the other, which was pretty clear when they tried their best to save Kacchan from getting kidnapped in the first place. Going on a complete disguise and using pure nerve and wit to save their fellow mate from someone who is beyond their level of power requires a great deal of courage and bravery which was wonderfully held by them all, even Bakugo himself. This presentation of friendship and care for each other has made us retell the true meaning of love and life all over again.

 4. Bakugo and Deku second face-off

Self-hatred, blame and questioning that why me or why not me, is something we all have experienced in our lives once, Bakugo here also had some inner conflicts like this to deal with. The worst part was that he had too much kept inside him that he didn’t know whether to blame himself for all that had happened or just the circumstances around him. The way Midoriya fights him and refuse to back down not only to prove himself and his worth but also so that he can help Bakugo release all that inner grief and frustration shows that you can be a hero in more than one way and also that sometimes its better to let it all out instead of keeping it all in (though try to avoid decimating the whole city in the process).

 5. All might’s last punch

My Hero Academia Moments

When All For One was first introduced it was clear that the combat between him and All Might is gonna be worth to watch but what we all didn’t expect was that it’s gonna take all of whatever All Might be left with. When he switches his power from one arm to another and uses wit instead of all muscles at a time as difficult as that he proved that the symbol of peace might have come to rest but that he will always be the number 1 hero no matter what.

He also showed Midoriya that now it is his job to look after people and be the hero that can show light and hope to others no matter how grave the situation is, simply by putting up a smile and fighting off the demons that lay inside. Hence it is worth acknowledging the greatest hero’s true willpower and demeanor for one last time.

 6. Yaoyorozu’s self-confident

Having failed in the fighting festival without having a chance to put up a real fight bumped Yaoyorozu more than anything. We all have has moments in life where we question our self-worth and feel inferior in comparison to others. In the show such common and natural self-disputes have been shown which are quite common in teenagers and even adults nowadays. Aizawa is one kind of a teacher he is noticed this in no time and helped Yaoyorozu to realize that one simple fight festival cannot define her true worth and potential.

My Hero Academia Moments
My Hero Academia Moments

She, later on, proved herself not only resourceful because of her quirk but also a fair fighter because of her intelligence and presence of mind. After all, she is the reason why they were able to save Bakugo and get a hero license in the first place.

 7. Eri’s smile

This can be truly heartbreaking to see that a young girl who hasn’t seen anything from the outside world ever doesn’t even know how to smile. When Deku and one Million along with other pro heroes first rescue Eri she was nothing but a fragile and scared little girl. As viewers of the series it truly broke us all when she says that she doesn’t know what candy is or that she doesn’t know how to smile.

Although what was even more heartwarming to see was Deku and Mirio’s attempt to make her smile. The way Deku learned how to dance and put up a concert and fought off Gentle so that the show doesn’t go on hold and of course make apple candy especially for her is worth admiring forever. Eri’s first smile was something that made our day when she first saw Deku dancing and lights shining when she first saw the outside world and broke free of clutches of the overhaul for the first time in a long time. Hence it has the right to be mentioned and put up in the first spot!

 8. Aizawa’s intellect

My Hero Academia Moments
My Hero Academia Moments

One has to agree what a badass but at the same time highly considerate and generous teacher and person Aizawa really is. He truly feels like a proud and responsible parent towards his class and notices not only their inner conflicts but also helps them to get over them and excel to greatness without them realizing it. He allows his students to accept their emotional and physical disabilities and move past them with practice and determination.

 9. Suneater’s sunshine

Tamaki Amajiki is shown as a pessimist and introverted young boy who holds great power but lacks self-reliance and optimism. Although when he saw Mirio and his lively acceptance for him he started to admire things in life and understood that things can only be achieved if you work hard enough to get them. He is shown as someone who doesn’t have much liveliness inside of him but his friends accepted him for that and encouraged him to get stronger instead of changing himself into something he isn’t. The Big Three set a great example of admiration and the fact that they all learn and fight from and for each other is something that makes us restore the true meaning of friendship once again.

 10. Kota’s realization

My Hero Academia Moments
My Hero Academia Moments

One could only imagine the pain and sorrow the young soul carried along with the hatred and displeasure he gained towards heroes because of his parent’s death. But Midoriya being him could not leave a soul shattered and empty like he once have felt himself when he first discovered that he doesn’t have a quirk. He helped the little kid understand his parents’ sacrifice and that it takes a great deal of courage to lay your own life in exchange for others, something that Midoriya did for Kota later when he fought with Muscular. That’s when Kota really forgave his parents and allowed himself to move on from their death and when he purchases the same shoes as Deku he proved that he too has a hero now to look up to and feel safe and content again!

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