10 Reasons Gohan is Perfect to Replace Goku And Vegeta as Dragon Ball’s Lead Hero

Gohan is Perfect to Replace Goku And Vegeta

Goku and Vegeta might be the twin pillars of Dragon Ball. But one day their time will also come and we have to bid them goodbye. Who will take their stead then? We believe the answer is Gohan. And trust us we have credible facts to prove our claims.

 1. Less reliance on the Super Saiyan form

There have been several instances where Gohan did not just depend on his Super Saiyan form to do the job done. Vegeta, on the other hand, believes that the only thing he needs to do when facing a stronger opponent turns his hair golden or blue. Goku has only recently revealed to have foregone his Super Saiyan transformation and using his Ultra Instinct ability (although there are theories that claim that Goku will combine his Super Saiyan Blue with Ultra Instinct to create a whole new form). Gohan, on the other hand, has not relied on his Super Saiyan form as much nowadays. In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn movie, Gohan defeated Frieza without going Super Saiyan. In Dragon Ball Super, Gohan accessed his Ultimate form after having unlocked his hidden potential, gaining a power that transcends even Super Saiyan 3. He did all that without ever transforming into the Super Saiyan form.

 2. Decided to become stronger on his terms

Gohan is Perfect to Replace Goku And Vegeta

Like Vegeta, Gohan has come to a decision. He will not take the approach his father took to gain power. He will become stronger on his own terms. After coming to a decision like that, Vegeta became all the more lovable to the fans. We do not see why Gohan cannot be seen the same way. He too has decided to do things on his own terms. Gohan’s decision to not rely on the conventional Super Saiyan transformation and the Mystic Ultimate Gohan Power reveals that he is aiming for something different than Goku and Vegeta. And we are all eager to find out what that could be.

 3. Younger than Goku and Vegeta

Dragon Ball Facts About Super Saiyan Blue

This might be a bitter truth to swallow for many Dragon Ball fans. But you know this is true. Goku and Vegeta might not look like it but they are closing in on 50 years of age!! That’s right! Goku and Vegeta are now old men and will soon become so frail that they will not be able to protect the planet and the universe. The Dragon Ball Universe needs a replacement, a lead hero who hails from the same heritage as Goku and Vegeta but is young enough to hold the torch for many more years to come. Gohan is just 23 years old. He has his whole life to look forward to. And he has many more adventures to go to before his retirement. That, for us, is reason enough.

 4. Complains about too much focus on Goku and Vegeta

You know this was coming. For years, the Dragon Ball Universe has more or less expanded the Z Fighters’ roster. Majin Buu, Vegeta, and Piccolo used to be supervillains. But now they are Goku’s allies. Over the years, Dragon Ball has solely focused on developing the character arc of only two warriors – Goku and Vegeta. From being Super Saiyan to becoming Super Saiyan Blue Evolved and Ultra Instinct, Vegeta and Goku have come a long way since. But what about the rest of the Z Fighters! Piccolo is someone all fans love despite all the sidetracking he has seen over the years. Gohan is also another victim of that phenomenon. It is time the Son of Son Goku gets the spotlight he truly deserves to bathe in.

 5. A fresh take on the Saiyan Saga

As a Saiyan, the first and foremost rule is being proud of your heritage. Vegeta has shown it a lot of times in the anime and manga. Goku may not reveal it but he too values his roots. Gohan, on the other hand, has another point of view. Due to his unique origins, Gohan values not just Saiyan but also human society and culture. He is a unique character that tries to assimilate the good and bad of both worlds. Gohan represents the new generation of Saiyans – ones who do not value violence and savagery but peaceful assimilation as a means to an end. No other Saiyan hero has had the guts to do what Gohan has been doing all along – Blend in, and not stand out.

 6. Better possibilities for sub-plots

Gohan has had a rather colorful life. He has had a job, an education, and most importantly, his entire life has been an adventure of proportions even more epic than Goku’s in some regards. He has made friends and carried on his father’s legacy in his absence. Take for example his adventures as the Friendly Neighbourhood Superhero Saiyaman. As the Great Saiyaman, Gohan showed a side of him that none of the rest of the Z Fighters had– concern for the little guy. Petty Crimes also happen in the world of Dragon Ball. Theft, murder, burglary, hijackings – who is supposed to stop them! Certainly, the Z Fighters with their superhuman physical attributes would have come in handy here. Gohan was the first person to actually think on those lines.

 7. His Cell Moment

Perhaps the greatest moment Gohan has had in Dragon Ball is when he fought Cell during the Cell Games saga. He has killed several other villains on his own like Frieza, Garlic Junior, and Bojack. But his best and brightest moment will always be when Gohan fought Cell, the greatest masterpiece of Doctor Gero. For years, Dragon Ball had hinted at Gohan’s hidden potential. And for the first time, we see it in action. He was the first Saiyan ever to transform into Super Saiyan 2, giving in to the rage that was created after Cell hurt his friends and family. Gohan revealed why some fans correctly claim that he is, in fact, the future of the Dragon Ball Universe. After Goku’s death, the father passed down the mantle of Earth’s Guardian to Gohan, who defeated Cell using the Father-Son Kamehameha. No arc ever in the future will show Gohan in the same light again.

 8. More relatable

Gohan is Perfect to Replace Goku And Vegeta

Gohan is not a pure-blooded Saiyan. He is a half-blood. Hybrid Saiyans are Saiyans with both Saiyan and human heritage. Trunks, Goten, Gohan, and Pan – are the four Hybrid Saiyans in Dragon Ball. But it was Gohan who popularized the concept. Gohan has always lived as a human being, leading an ordinary common life doing ordinary common chores. Goku, on the other hand, has traveled the world, defeated androids, extra-dimensional creatures, and alien beings before he hit puberty. That is the difference between Gohan and Goku. While Goku was pushed onto the action and he magically adapted himself to everything that was thrown his way, Gohan took his sweet little time to get used to things like how it happens in the real world.

 9. He is a more responsible Family Man

Gohan and Goku are light years apart when it comes to being there for the family. Goku was more focused on improving himself as a warrior that he forgot that he has a wife and two sons to take care of. In the quest to becoming the strongest, he traveled alien worlds and alternate realms, but he forgot that he was missing one crucial aspect of his life – he missed creating memories with his family. Gohan grew up most of his life without a father. The closest to something that he has is Piccolo. Maybe that is the reason he is such a good dad. He values his responsibilities not only as Earth’s protector but also being there for Pan and his wife Videl when they need him. Goku can never top that and for this, we have nothing but respect for Gohan.

 10. He was supposed to succeed Goku originally

Gohan is Perfect to Replace Goku And Vegeta

After the Raditz arc, Piccolo saw the potential in Gohan and decided to take him away from training. Many do not know this but Gohan was touted to be the future successor of Goku in Dragon Ball. Akira Toriyama penned the character just because of this reason. But somewhere along the way, Toriyama lost track, and Gohan was pushed back to become a supporting character, a hell Gohan still languishes in. In the end, Gohan was ridiculed for being a gun too powerful but with a very small barrel and thus could not become what he was originally destined to be. Maybe this time, Toriyama will understand the error of his ways and set out to undo his actions.

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