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The Secret Dream of Deadpool Is To Become a Hokage Like Naruto

Comics characters have always been a little weird. I guess it comes with the fact that they are hand-drawn onto pages. Regardless, the world of comics can be absurd but it is considered self-contained, for the most part. Although, some characters like Wade Wilson have the knack of referring to things that are not of their world, or even recognize their status as comic characters. Deadpool Team-Up #886 reveals that the secret dream of Deadpool is to become a Hokage like Naruto. This would make a lot of sense when you consider Deadpool’s obsession with anime.

If we talk about story, then Deadpool is probably one of the more surreal comics. It has craziness out of the wazoo. So it is no surprise to the readers that Deadpool proclaimed the will to be Hokage in one of the latest issues. Apparently, he is a big fan of Naruto, and I believe that many of us have this in common. Anyone who has seen Naruto would dream of becoming Hokage one day.


Secret Dream of Deadpool

For the uninitiated, Hokage is a term from the Naruto Manga/ anime/ games. It refers to the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village. The Kages are the protector of their Shinobi village. They are also some of the strongest and most dangerous ninjas in the Naruto world. The Kages protect their village at all costs and for someone like Naruto, who has shunned his entire childhood, the position of a Kage seems very attractive. The child does not wish for power but for recognition.


Secret Dream of Deadpool

In issue #886 we see Deadpool team up with Iron-Fist. The super-powered duo hunts down a foe called Gin Goh. Now, this Gin Goh has a cursed blade that slows down Deadpool’s healing factor by a lot. Wade is in a pickle and it is at this moment he makes his intentions known. He digs deep and proclaims that he will become Hokage one day, stop make sure everyone recognizes his talents one day. the secret dream of Deadpool is to be accepted by the heroes and the villains of the Marvel Universe. In all of his Gory and Murdery glory.


What do you think about this dream? Honestly, we are quite excited, what if Boruto makes a reference to Deadpool too.

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