The Avengers Will Save The World By Playing A Game of [SPOILER]!

We have seen really ridiculous plotlines. The comics have been witness to extreme levels of stupidity like the King of the Seven seas is trapped in a net and Wonder Woman, the Woman who can break a mountain with her bare hands, getting captured by a pair of handcuffs tied to her wrist. Like I said, Comic Book Storylines are as equally foolish and stupid as they are capable of being awesome and grounded. But this certain issue seriously takes the cake.

The newest Marvel issue is now my first choice of Comic Book Stupidity. Marvel Comics has just released a comic book issue where the storyline involves the Avengers saving the fate of the world by playing a game of Poker!!!!

Spoiler Alert: The Following Paragraphs contain Major Spoilers for Avengers #689. Enter at your own risk….

The ongoing Avengers: No Surrender arc is finally coming to its end and fans are witnessing a strange and peculiar turn of events. The ending of the arc comes with a climax that is so devastatingly unconventional it just might make your skin crawl. The arc involves Earth being transported to a distant part of the galaxy through time and space and is now the playground of the Challenger and the Grandmaster in a cosmic game of Chess (of sorts).

The Avengers have been tasked with three objectives which they have to fulfill in order to get things back to normal. The Avengers need to – Prevent the Earth from being annihilated, Defeat the being known as Challenger and by some miracle, they also need to put Earth back to her rightful place in the Galaxy.

And it falls on the Living Lightning, a D-List Superhero, and Avengers member to save the day and prevent Earth’s destruction at the hands of the two supreme beings. The Living Lightning hasn’t made much of a name for himself but he is going to. He intends to play with Grandmaster a game of chess. Whoever wins will dictate the terms and conditions of the battle.

The Grandmaster is all up for games and recreation. That is literally his thing. He plays games of cosmic level. So when the fate of the entire human race comes into play, the Grandmaster will have a hard time saying no to it, even if it means the outcome is to be decided by a game of Poker. And the guy on the other end of the table is a hero that has been obscure as hell up until now. He will soon become one of the most popular superheroes after this event when he saves the Big Blue Planet.

The Living Lightning is a superhero that was created in 1990 and he has had made pretty rare appearances throughout Marvel Comics issues since then. Living Lightning is also a part of the Avengers: No Surrender arc. He has used up all his energy to supercharge Thor’s hammer and he, for now, has been left powerless. But Lightning still has one more trick up his sleeve. The hero is willing to bet his freedom and life to save the entire Human species from extinction.

 No one gave the right to Lightning to wager the Planet for this game. And what he is doing ain’t completely legal either. But he is willing to accept the stakes of the game and play along. The Grandmaster is an Elder of the Universe, one of the most powerful and ancient beings in all of existence. If Lightning hopes to defeat this guy, he must muster up everything he has and fight back.

Poker is not just a game about luck and experience but also bluffing. Lightning thinks he already knows the Grandmaster’s tells as clear as day. Could he be right? Or is the Grandmaster going to take possession of Earth and make it his own personal playground? Is Living Lightning being prepped for a much larger role in the Marvel universe? Who will win this cosmic poker game? The Avengers: No Surrender arc is going to turn out to be a page-turner. That much is sure. But the way the events have been played make it look like stupid and foolish.

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