Dragon Ball Super Brings In A New Set of Dragon Balls

Dragon Ball Super Brings New Set of Dragon Balls:

Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super continues the Granolah the Survivor Arc by following its titular warrior and is still in its early phase of the arc. Dragon Ball Super has debuted a new set of Dragon Balls with the newest chapter of the series! The Dragon Ball franchise has a lot of memorable characters and moments, but the series would not be as impacting without its titular Dragon Balls.

Fans find out about a new set of wish-granting Dragon Balls belonging to a Namekian who is now living on Planet Cereal in the rebuilt community following the death of Granolah’s people. With these new Dragon balls also comes a new danger of someone getting a nefarious wish granted, something we see come to fruition at the end of the chapter. The chapter introduces us to Monaito, the final survivor from a tribe of Namekians that were living on planet Cereal. He currently lives with Granolah on the outskirts of a rebuilt town, and he currently has a single small (at least compared to the original set) Dragon Ball in his possession. He says Granolah would need two to make a wish, but the second ball had been lost for forty years.

Thanks to a new promo, it seems a prophecy will accompany this arc which foretells the birth of the universe’s greatest warrior to date. The update came recently when Dragon Ball Super put out a promo for its next chapter. The release, which drops next week, plans to give fans a better take on Granolah and his mission. However, as the promo shows, Goku will receive a prophecy in this arc that has piqued interested. According to the Oracle Fish, a warrior is about to be born into Universe 7 that surpasses Goku. The promo calls this mysterious figure the greatest warrior in the universe, and it will be born soon. At this point, fans have no idea who or what this prophecy is referring to, but they have plenty of ideas. The first is more literal as fans are curious if a new fighter is about to be born. Bulla was born amidst the drama of Dragon Ball Super, so it is possible. There is always a chance a new Saiyan could be born perhaps on Broly’s side, but any warrior could be literally birthed this arc according to the Oracle Fish.

The second theory going around is a metaphorical take on birth. A warrior can be birthed at any time when the situation demands, so that could be the ordeal here. The Oracle Fish might foresee the arrival of such a moment, and it could refer to anyone – even Goku. All it would require is a new power boost, and Dragon Ball Super is really good at creating those for its heroes.

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Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super continues to explore the kind of character Granolah is, and he (and fans) are introduced to a new kind of Dragon Balls from a Namekian that is living with him. It’s here that he eventually discovers they can grant any wish,  and Grenolah reveals that his wish is to become the greatest warrior in the universe. While this could have meant Goku or Vegeta, this is increasingly looking like Granolah will actually take on this role as the foretold warrior. This could very well be the case, but it’s also looking like it might be a fake-out. The wish-granting dragon is a different kind than we have seen in the past, and with it only being two Dragon Balls strong, there’s a good chance there will be limits on the type of wishes it could grant.

In continuation, Monaito then reveals the origins of the Dragon Balls themselves and states they were originally meant to celebrate the Namekians’ greatest warriors. They vary in size and number depending on who originally created them, and were meant to be a reward from Namekians who would gather these Dragon Balls to save their people from great sufferings.

As for the types of wishes that are possible with Monaito’s version of the Dragon Balls, we’ll be seeing that soon enough as Granolah ended the chapter by successfully finding out the second ball and wishing to become the greatest warrior in the universe. The chapter ends before we see it granted (or find out the new dragon’s official name), so that brings into question whether or not it can be.

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