10 Most Controversial Avengers Stories That Will Make Your Head Spin

The Avengers is one of the most beloved teams of the superhero universes. Here are some of the most controversial stories of the team:

Civil War 2

Civil War 2, too had a lot of stuff going on in it. Be it Captain Marvel going against Iron Man and falling for Rhodey, or be it Ulysses’ visions. Ulysses’s powers were something that leads to some various terrible events in the Civil War 2 storyline. One of them is a vision showing Miles Morales killing Captain America while one has the Hulk destroying the world, which when is known by Hawkeye he tracks Hulk down and shoots him while he is in his Bruce Banner form.

The Ultimates

This here was the arc where Captain America, Tony Stark, Giant Man, Wasp, and Thor have to take down the Hulk, the team then recruits more Avengers such as Scarlett Witch, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. Amongst the first few missions of the team, they stop the Chitauri invasion. Most of it might seem as the first Avengers movie that we saw in the MCU but actually, the story had a lot more to it such as having Giant-Man and the Wasp heavily in action.

Hank Pym- Husband Of The Year

Hank Pym is known to have some issues when it comes to him. Be it him reinventing himself or being kicked out of the Avengers, Pym after feeling like a loser, started taking it out on the Wasp, Once when he had taken the identity of Yellowjacket, the Wasp who he used to beat understood that his mind was degrading because of him working on the Pym Particles. The Wasp one day tries to help him and gets slapped. She then stood for herself, showed the dude what he really was and eventually left him.

Dark Avengers- Villains Take Over

When Norman Osborn took over S.H.I.E.L.D. and renamed it H.A.M.M.E.R., he created the team The Dark Avengers, he himself got to be the Iron Patriot, whilst had many more villainous characters in the team such as Noh Varr, Mac Gargan’s Venom as well as Wolverine’s psychotic son, Daken.Talk about Osborn trying to change the world. Kind of being the Marvel universe’s Lex Luthor.

New Avengers- Post-Avengers Disassembled

This team was formed after the “Avengers Disassembled” arc, the team had Luke Cage, Skrull Queen as Spider-Woman, Iron Man and Spider-Man. The team had a basic rule, to take on any challenge that a single superhero can’t face, with that and their base of operations at Tony’s top floor the team gets into action.

The Crossing

“The Crossing” 1995 crossover revealed Iron Man as a conspirator who worked for Kang. The Avengers had to travel back into the time to convince the teen Tony stark to fight with the evil Iron man who had killed Gilgamesh and Yellowjacket already. Later In the fight, Adult Stark had let the Young Stark take over. But as expected the arc did have a retcon and hence nothing ever happened!

Civil War

While Civil wars Iron Man revealed a totally villainous side when he teamed up with the government soldiers to capture the superheroes who were opposing to register with the government. Also, Tony unveiled Spider-Man publicly, created a clone of Thor to kill Goliath. Sure there was a lot of debatable stuff in this comic. A film was also released that had some of the events from that storyline.

Demon In A Bottle

Yeah, we know this one is no secret. Tony Stark is a big bad alcoholic. In the arc ‘Demon In A Bottle’ Tony Stark sure had it rough as he suffers from alcohol use disorder. After his suit malfunctions and he’s asked to step down as the leader of the Avengers and is imprisoned, Tony develops a serious drinking problem, affecting him not only mentally but physically too. He does this to forget things.

Hulk Exiled

Due to Hulk’s uncontrolled fury and power, he has caused a lot of devastation alongside his good deeds. Thus, Iron man tricked to send him to space. This decision infuriated him and he then sought to revenge. Hence he ended up killing numerous innocent lives, all because of Iron Man.

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Natasha Romanoff’s Betrayal


When Natasha in the Ultimate universe is working for the liberators, to complete her task she reveals The Hulk’s identity. Not just that, Captain America and Thor too are framed by her for anti-American behavior. She also seduces Tony and sleeps with him multiple times, so much so that she accepts his marriage proposal and he gives her a Black Iron Man suit. She then holds him at gunpoint and takes all the billionaire’s money. This has to be one of the worst betrayals in the comic history. What a b**ch!

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