Doctor Strange 2 Shatters The Box Office on Its Opening Weekend

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been opened up to the multiverse. Marvel Studios collaborated with Sam Raimi and gave the world one of the most horrifyingly beautiful movies we have ever seen. Raimi wanted to make a horror movie and he did just that. He used the multiverse in a way that no one expected him to. Although the movie received lukewarm reviews from critics, it seems to have inspired nothing but awe and admiration from the fans. We say this because the box office numbers are in. In the latest news, Doctor Strange 2 shatters the box office with absurd earnings. Keep reading as I break down the numbers for you in their entirety.

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Multiverse of Madness made $90 million on its opening day at the domestic box office. This was a smaller start than No Way Home, which pulled about $120 million from the domestic market on its opening day. But Multiverse of Madness seems to be performing much better at the international box office. It seems that the movie’s wide scope and possible story implications for the MCU have attracted a larger international audience than the studio expected. The movie has clearly made a mark at the box office with its opening. We never could have thought that Multiverse of Madness would create history with its release. But we should remember that one should not underestimate Sam Raimi.


Doctor Strange 2 Shatters The Box Office

Multiverse of Madness made a total of $450 million during its opening weekend. The bulk of this gross revenue came from the international market. Doctor Strange 2 collected $265 million from the international box office and about $185 million from the domestic box office. It had a strong start on Friday in the American theatres with a collection of $90 million but these collections fell by 36.1% on Saturday as the movie only earned around $57.5 million. Similarly, the domestic box office earnings fell further by 34% with a total collection of approximately $37.5 million.


This is a sign that the domestic audiences are not too happy with the movie. 30+ percent declines for such a major release at the opening weekend are worrisome. But some of this worry has been negated by the movie’s brilliant performance in the international marvel and its colossal opening. A $185 million domestic opening is respectable against the other big releases of the MCU like No Way Home ($260 million), Endgame ($356 million), and even Infinity War ($257 million). This signifies that Mulitverse of Madness might end up becoming one of the top earners in the MCU. It will surely cross $1 billion in worldwide collections by the end of its theatrical run.


Doctor Strange 2 shatters the box office

The real question is whether it will cross the $2 billion mark and cement itself as one of the most successful projects that MCU ever undertook. Multiverse of Madness has become an overnight success with the 11th highest domestic opening of all time and we expect that the movie will do a lot better in the coming weeks. Considering that Disney only got a quarter of money from No Way Home, they must be extremely happy to have another colossal release on their schedule.


The Future

The advantage of this movie is that it creates a lot of chatter about the future of the MCU, while also being largely self-contained. We think this both aids and harms the movie. The MCU formula is to keep people entertained and not make them use their brains too hard. These movies do their best to explain everything that is going on. But the problem with that formula and a movie like Multiverse of Madness is that the moviemakers have a lot to explain, which if they don’t, will ruin the movie. So we get a compromise between horror storytelling and exposition.


This switch in the middle of an action sequence breaks the immersion and makes the audience question their feelings. It can be a powerful tool but it harms Multiverse of Madness more than it helps them. Still, Sam Raimi did a wonderful job and he should be proud of the success he has brought to this colossal Marvel franchise.

Doctor Strange 2 shatters the box office but have you watched it yet? Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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