How The Suicide Squad Should Really Look

Suicide Squad was not able to make it as much big as Marvel movies. A dozen of weird  characters was introduced  onto the big screen for the first time. Some of the characters stayed closer to their comic appearances, while some of them failed miserably. Here’s how the Suicide Squad should really look.

1.El Diablo

El Diablo was definitely not lost in translation, but still, there was some noticeable change. According to the comics, he has the swirl deign that emphasize his flame theme. While in the movie the character’s skin art is changed to a scattered slew of new symbols that paint him as a  true tough guy. Among his new markings are hash marks on his eyebrows and a skeletal teeth design featured on his upper lip.

2)  Katana


Superheroine Katana had worn multiple of costumes over her different appearances on the TV. She first appeared in the comic in 1983, she wore a red-yellow costume with ridiculous pointed shoulders and fur-topped shoes. Over the time it turned it down to a red-and -gold armor deal with a domino mask. Her screen costume is a bit more conservative than the skin tight leotards Katana wears in the comics, instead opting for a loose-fitting plain t-shirt and pants.

3) The Joker


The Joker adopted some of the comics’ version’s physical characteristics. The Joker’s bright green‘do was slicked it down, instead of the most unkempt approach often favored by the classic Joker. The new Joker had grilled teeth and threatening tattoos.

4) Harley Quinn

harley-quinn Suicide Squad

There is no one who could have been more appropriate for the role of Harley Quinn than Margot Robbie. The character was unrecognizable as the one when she first appeared in Batman: The animated series. The old Harley Quinn looks like a straight-up jester. But the new version of Harley was complete with colorful pigtails, messy makeup, tattoos, and a get-up that appealed to cheerleaders and biker chicks.


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