5 Important Issues MTV Big F Season 2 Tackled This Season

In India, a beast that has long been silenced is female sexuality. Discussions around this topic are the forbidden fruit in Indian society. With changing times, it is important for Indian mentality to change too and with the second season of MTV Big F, the channel aimed to do just that. This time MTV Big F revolved around breaking barriers with fierce tales and giving a voice to female sexuality. The show delved deeper into the psyche of Indian women to explore their hidden desires and give them the confidence to break free from societal taboos and claim their desires and their bodies. Randeep Hooda who is known for his portrayal of gritty characters on screen hosted the show and empowered women by speaking directly to the women out there curious about their sexuality. MTV Big F Season 2 brought some powerful and sexually- liberating tales through tasteful representation on Indian television.

Here are 5 sensitive yet very important issues that MTV Big F Season 2 tackled during this season:

 1. Gender divide

Very often there is a misconception that women are not as good as men in a few tasks. This myth was broken with a strong representation of a pioneering female cab driver who is extremely passionate about her job. She represented all the women who not only steer the wheel confidently through maddening traffic but also through the narrow minds of people who think women should be associated with stereotypically female jobs like being a nurse, cashier or a teacher. Her passion and focus to excel in her job eventually help change her partner’s mildly tainted ideology about women and their capabilities.

2. Empowering transgenders

Why does society consider and treat transgenders like they do not belong here? Why do transgenders have to struggle to fit into a category? They are as human as we are and experience the same emotions and desires as us. This is exactly what one of the episodes addressed. The episode revolved around the protagonist who was born as a boy and fantasizes about a male model. Over a period of time, the protagonist falls in love with the model and builds the courage to reveal his sexuality. While the transgender community is India still has a long way, it’s important to sensitize young people to the issue. There should be such stories told of people who dare to live their life on their own terms even when being faced with opposition from everywhere. It’s time we take a step towards a brave new future where human beings are accepted for being who they are and loving whoever they want.

3. Encourage sexual molestation victims to voice out the issue

We are no strangers to the unnerving fact that sexually molested victims still come into social contact with their molesters who often get off scot- free. These molesters get away with their disgraceful act solely because the victims have not been given enough confidence to raise their voice against the act. They do not talk about it in the fear of being judged by society. Through their episode on this issue, MTV Big F tried to convey the message that we need to empower the abused and turn the perpetrators into repositories of shame, even if they are family members.

4. Slut shaming

One rule everyone should remember is that if you slut shame a girl to make yourself feel like you are a better person, you’re doing it very wrong! Stereotyping and labeling women is a common practice. While a boy has all the liberties to flirt with two or even more girls simultaneously, the same doesn’t apply to a girl if she dares to express her desire to choose between two boys. A boy will not be judged for his actions whereas a girl will be branded a “slut” for the same. MTV Big F raised their voice against slut shaming in their episode where for a change a girl takes the liberty to choose between 2 boys rather than the other way around. The episode aimed to tell its viewers that it’s okay for women to have the same desires as men do.

5. Woman forced into prostitution

MTV Big FSadly, in India, about 54% people live below the poverty line and have to seek odd jobs for the sake of survival. Poverty is also a major reason for prostitution in our country. It is hard for young girls and women who have to seek to prostitution for earning money but it is harder for the girls who are forced into it. Forced prostitution is a reality in our country and MTV Big F addressed this issue through the story of a young and talented girl who is forced into being a prostitute because of financial issues. It is important to understand that a woman can’t ever be forced to do something she doesn’t wish to.

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