Batman v Superman: Three New Easter-Eggs Discovered

Zack Snyder has been known to leave a few easter eggs here and there for fans to find in his films. So after the release of Batman V Superman, the super fans put on their detective hats and dug up a whole treasure trove of easter eggs that were confirmed by the director and crew. Just a few weeks back, a fan’s speculation of a cracked wall to be Superman’s co-creator Joe Shuster’s birthplace of Ontario was confirmed by the director himself. And now, three new easter eggs have been confirmed.

Clay Enos, the photographer for Batman Vs Superman, took to Twitter to start confirming some of the fan speculations. Here are the three major breakthroughs on Twitter:

Kryptonite Stored In Lead Container marked Pb:

capture   batman

A Twitter user named Superman81 asked Enos if the canisters in which Kryptonite was stored in was lead, as Pb is the symbol for the lead in the Periodic Table of Elements. Enos confirmed this. Lead is the only metal that Superman’s X-ray vision cannot see through in the comics.

The Janitorial Name Is Taken From Real Crew Member’s Name:



In Twitter user, Jesse Parker asked if the name of the janitorial company was identical to the name of Chris Terrio, one of the co-writers of Batman V superman. Enos confirmed that it. Also stating that all crew member’s names are cleared and can be legally used by the film.

The Government ID Of The Mother Box That Created Cyborg Is Actually A Date:


In Twitter user, jd24 speculated that Govt ID number of Mother Box that creates Cyborg is 61982 and that Tales of New Teen Titans #1 featuring Cyborg has been issued on June 1982. Enos confirmed saying that it was an easy easter egg to spot. Cyborg first appeared in Tales of New Teen Titans in June 1982.

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