Joss Whedon Finally Takes A Side In Marvel vs DC Rivalry

Joss Whedon is not a stranger to both Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe. The talented writer and director, who has made cult television shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly, directed MCU’s Avengers and Avengers: Age Of Ultron. A feat that might be intimidating for most, as Avengers was a new concept that was never recognized by mainstream movie audiences. But with his witty banter and great story telling, Whedon introduced a whole new audience to a group of comic superheroes that were not even considered A-list in the comic world and made them fall in love with them.


Whedon has taken a backseat to directing after Ultron, although he still produces Marvel show Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. He recently sat down for an interview with Complex magazine, where he discussed the pros and cons of Marvel and DC. The director made some valid reasoning with his answer:

“I did not see Suicide Squad. I saw Batman vs. Superman. Everybody’s got their own method. I think Marvel has been more successful systematically. DC has been more cinematic—their stuff looks amazing—but I feel like Kevin [Feige, President of Marvel Studios] is a really good storyteller. He really cares about coherence, and I feel like style never defeats substance at Marvel, but a little style creeps in. Ant-Man had some, Doctor Strange might be funky, and they are doing very fun things on TV. The Marvel-Netflix thing is working really well. DC’s decision to have their shows on TV with different actors playing the same characters at the same time as their movies, is a little interesting.”

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Joss Whedon also talked about DCEU’s upcoming film Wonder Woman. The director had also been attached to Wonder Woman back in 2007, but sadly had to part ways with the project for various undisclosed reasons:

“I want it to be good. The trailer was just wonderful. I’ll probably be disappointed, me more than anybody else, because I’ll be like, “Wow, my version…” or whatever, but I can still get myself up for it. The trailer had her shield and her fire hammer and yep, I’m good, this will be fine, everything is good. Such an image.”

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