5 TV Revivals You Have to be Psyched About

[tps_header]Let’s get one thing correct right off the bat. By revival we mean comeback of any story or plot that had gained popularity in a previous venture and is now making a return on TV. The year 2015 was a good year for TV in terms of reboots with shows like Limitless gaining much traction. The trend seems to be continuing in 2016 with shows like The X Files opening to great responses. This has given rise to the popular (yet criticized) culture of Reboots that we are seeing in movies, to make its way to smaller screens too.

Here are 5 TV revivals you should be psyched about.[/tps_header]

Rush hour

If the whole genre of Action-Comedy had to be defined with just one series, it will have to be Rush Hour. The chemistry between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker took the series to new levels and transformed it into an all-time classic. The series is now being rebooted for TV, with the same plot and 2 new actors playing the legendary roles of agents Carter and Lee.

Will they be able to live up to the standards? Only time will tell, but the trailer seems quite promising. The two actors seem to be mimicking the earlier performances and Jon Foo’s action is matching up to the legendary Chan standards. The pilot airs on 31st of March, this is one you wouldn’t want to miss.

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