Legends of Tomorrow Has Massively Changed the Arrowverse Current Timeline

Legends of Tomorrow is certainly the best Arrowverse show, at least for the season in this particular year, and the creative boundaries for this show as we know are limitless as it interacts the most with the entire timeline and portrays amazing characters hidden throughout the timeline and many different places which other shows cannot. The third season has probably been the best as it has managed to introduce a great number of characters, bring back some great characters which were not being used by other shows and it also bid farewell to two of the greatest Legends of the Arrowverse.

Legends of Tomorrow

Ever since The Flash came two years later than Arrow, the Arrowverse has expanded itself to countless boundaries, and after Flash came The Legends, and then by Season two, CW also acquired the rights to that Supergirl bringing it to join the Arrowverse. Since then we have seen countless characters to be introduced, some stayed while some spent a good time and left. Out of these 4 shows, Legends of Tomorrow has managed to explore the world the most as it is a group of people who travel through time to keep things in control and to keep the world safe. It took on the characters that were outcasts, misfits and the ones who did not get proper time and development on the shows that they previously appeared in, and turned them into literal ‘Legends’ on TV.

Since the entire show is based upon fixing the mess throughout the timeline of the Arrowverse which is usually made by the villains of the show. Every now and then, there is an anachronism that has to be fixed by the Legends so they could restore the timeline to the way it was and prevent the breakage of the timeline itself. The Legends usually get stuck in a mess while trying to fix the anachronisms, but at the end of the day, they manage to pull off their jobs and fix the anachronisms.

Well, this time, things have become really out of control the Legends are the ones who actually have a big hand in this. During the end of the episode that aired last week, we saw that Amaya traveled to Zambesi in 1992 in order to stop the tragic end of her family and her village. Realizing what Amaya was up to, Sara sent Nate and Wally to 1992 so that they could stop Amaya from causing major displacements in the timeline, but Nate actually gives in to Amaya’s cause, and lets her do as she feels, while Wally runs back to the Waverider.

On the Waverider, Sara and the Legends were actually able to come up with a plan that would help them destroy Mallus once and for all. Since Amaya would not have stopped seeing her village die in front of her eyes, the Legends decide to let Amaya and Nate save Zambesi from those that sought to destroy it and steal the Anansi totem. This allows the anachronism to go through, and that is what was required by Mallus to break free out of the prison. The Legends let it happen so that they could kill Mallus after he gets free from the prison he was in.

As we know that in the original timeline, Amaya’s village Zambezi was destroyed by a local warlord named Benatu Eshu, who in his pursuit of the Anansi totem, killed Amaya, while Amaya’s daughter fled with Mari and the totem, but Kuasa was left behind in the chaos. Mari was adopted in Detroit and grew up to become the hero Vixen that we saw in Arrow.

But now, since the Legends have allowed the anachronism in order to free Mallus, Zambezi would have been saved and the entire timeline post-1992 has probably come into danger. This means that Mari would still probably be in the Zambezi and she would probably never become Vixen or at least become Vixen in Detroit. Since one thing gets altered in the timeline, it becomes a ripple effect and other things start to get altered as well, causing time extensive aberrations. This would mean that team Arrow would also not have met Mari (Vixen) and things could change in that too.

Legends of Tomorrow
Legends of Tomorrow

Unless and until the Legends fix this mess by killing Mallus and restoring the timeline after that, things will become really serious and another timeline altering even like the Flashpoint will have major ramifications of the Arrowverse. So, let’s see how things will be handled in the finale of the show which will air on April 9 at 9/8c on The CW Network.

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