9 Essential Tips For A Hassle-Free Journey With Your Kid

Are you on for a road trip with your kids this season? You might want to read this blog focusing on 9 essential road trips for a hassle free travel experience with kids.

Don’t carry too much of water

This decreases the chances of juice or milk or water spills in the car. Also the more your child drinks the more she is prone to chase a bathroom frequently.

Have some entertainment

It is nice to ensure your favourite DVDs are with you so that the kids stay entertained. Also be loaded with movies and stuff so that the kids stay engaged.

Pack the essentials

If you are planning on a stoppage at some hotel afore reaching your final destination, it is better you pack enough clothes plus toiletries for the entire members who are going to accompany in a single “community” bag. In this way, you will only need to carry one bag for the night.

You can save the other big luggage items or individual suitcases you have for after arriving at the final destination.

Don’t stuff snacks

Snacks are good, however, too may are as bad. It will only lead to endless munching eventually affecting you with tummy troubles thus leading to more bathroom stops, litter in the car and reducing the pleasure of getting a good meal.

Just pack some healthy sandwiches and fruits. Lollipops are great to lick on and they even last long keeping your kids quiet while they enjoy.

Take a break

Designate 30-minutes of time for certain activities like 30 minutes of quiet time or 30 minutes of playing some guessing games. It can also be a 30 minute rendezvous consisting of music and singing along. This enhances your rapport with your kid. It also deepens the relationship between you and your kid, where you develop a keen understanding of your kid’s interests.

Travel is all about being comfortable

For a comfort ride get rid of tight jeans and other such uncomfortable wears also keeping your child away from it. The best wears for long travels are of course sweat pants and T-shirts. Also it is better to keep a pair of stocks handy in case your or your kid’s feet get cold.

The small pillows are a great retreat for the kids from sudden irritation or boringness. If you are going to drive for long periods with your kid it is better you ensure the child window shades are all right to protect their dear skin from the hot sunny rays.

Surprises are great

Pack up little “surprises” like a quick detour to a pleasant spot besides a calm lake amidst nature and setting up tents and enjoying a pleasant getaway with your kid.

Further, you can browse through tips to ensure a hassle-free travel abroad with your kids.

Tips for a hassle-free international travel with your kids-

Be organized

Being organized is a key factor to procure a pleasant holiday you’re your kids. Have a checklist and tick off all essential travel items being packed well ahead of your trip. Any parent will agree that kids show their tantrums when rushed. This quickly builds up stress for parents. Hence, be organized and avoid last-minute panic.

If you plan to travel abroad, ensure at least 2 months in advance of the trip whether all these essentials are in place-

  • Each family member’s passport is up to date. Remember that for certain places, it’s deemed valid for only 6 months from your arrival date.
  • Ensure you got all necessary visas in place
  • Ensure you have essential travel documents like tickets, and travel insurance that includes every travelling member. For instance, if you travel to Europe, EHIC card is necessary.

Involve kids in your travel plans

You may plan to go to Cornwall, Scotland or Spain; in any case involve kids regardless of their ages in your travel plans. Talk them through your travel plan before you set off. Take them through pictures so they are aware of what they will see and experience. Doing this, excites the kids and they channel a divine positive energy to the entire troupe. Also why not make travelling a fun learning experience? If you plan to travel broad, you can teach you kids a word or two relating to the local language. You could practice phrases with your kids on the journey. All these small moments turn your journey into an unforgettable one!


Do all the research of the route you’re going to tale before leaving home as you don’t want you and your kids to go astray.

It also helps you spot interesting places on the way so that you can take a leisurely stroll across say a beach or so with your kid.

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