Sunny Wagh

Sunny Wagh

A content lover, copy enthusiast and always in for candid rendezvous; Sunny Wagh admires his GURUS and believes confidence maketh man. He likes to imagine a lot which he counts upon the most to turn even a dead copy alive. Sunny has a thing for adventures being a nature lover and is always optimistic about things.
  • Aug- 2015 -
    11 August
    TechnologyRuby on Rails

    Top 11 Best Ruby On Rails CMS for Programmers

    When it comes to most preferred web development framework, Ruby On Rails (RoR) tops the list. Several developers use RoR since 2004. And today, RoR continues to be a favorite of growing denizens. People love it due to convenient features and advantages RoR provides. Many consider RoR as the most efficient programming language present to create and execute content management…

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  • 3 August
    TechnologyData Visualization

    We Humans Are Wired For Data Visualization?

    There is a surge in the demand for business intelligence tools enabling enhanced data visualization. However, do you know why data visualization is so useful? In this blog, you will discover the importance of data visualization for businesses and consumers in the most engrossing manner. Before we delve into the details, let’s understand the simple philosophy of human brain- As…

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  • Jul- 2015 -
    30 July
    NewsTravel with Kids

    9 Essential Tips For A Hassle-Free Journey With Your Kid

    Are you on for a road trip with your kids this season? You might want to read this blog focusing on 9 essential road trips for a hassle free travel experience with kids. Don’t carry too much of water This decreases the chances of juice or milk or water spills in the car. Also the more your child drinks the…

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  • 27 July
    TechnologyAre Password managers safe to use?

    Are Password Managers Really Safe To Use?

    This intuitive blog post reveals how much safe is your data from hackers with your password managers. Let’s begin with the most debated question dispensed across all over the world. Are password managers really safe to use? A recent CSO study apprises us with the following facts. The study reveals that autofill password policies of popular password managers like Lastpass…

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  • 21 July
    NewsFroot Smoothies to Enjoy

    8 Sumptuous Smoothies That Every Foodie Will Love

    Smoothies are the coolest way to pamper ourselves with the healthiest punch. Below are 8 sumptuous smoothies to pick-you-up, leaving you refreshingly cool and energized. Strawberry Banana Smoothie This is a healthier alternative for a combo with loads of calories like in ice- cream milkshakes. You need 2 frozen chopped bananas, cup of organic strawberries (dice them), 1 cup milk,…

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  • 20 July
    NewsNurture your Skin

    8 Effective Means To Nurture Your Skin After A Long Day Work

    A week spent at office can be tiresome. Therefore, you have the right to de-stress yourself and enliven your dying body and skin. Apart from that too much of work can lead to sleepless nights, frequent headaches and cause you to lose focus. Now all such worries will disappear with some easy ways as described here to care for your…

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  • 16 July
    NewsBest Time to Visit Maldives

    Things To Do In Maldives On Honeymoon

    Do you want to experience the most romantic honeymoon amidst complete natural bliss? Maldives is the destination for all the love birds out there. Further you will know the 10 things you can do in Maldives which will unravel the many romantic moments to cherish eternally.   Take a dive Taking a dive in the azure waters of Maldives is…

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  • 15 July
    NewsOrganic food

    5 Reasons to Give Organic Food To Children?

    Organic food in India itself enjoys a 10 billion dollar market. It is now a food category which makes a prime purchase item for mothers. Why so? It is due to various benefits organic foods provide which you can browse further. Organic food does not have high toxic density When your children consume organic products, they stay away from coming…

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  • 13 July

    Make India AIDS Free: A Discourse Which Needs Perusal And Execution

    Before It Is Too Late- A Discourse Which Needs Perusal And Execution From the beginning, my views have always been in parallel with the contemporary ideologies of today. And one of them, most critical is about educating people especially in rural areas about the importance of using condoms. Condoms have been the commonest means to not only controlling population levels…

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