5 Reasons to Give Organic Food To Children?

Organic food in India itself enjoys a 10 billion dollar market. It is now a food category which makes a prime purchase item for mothers. Why so? It is due to various benefits organic foods provide which you can browse further.

Organic food does not have high toxic density

When your children consume organic products, they stay away from coming in contact with high-risk insecticides. Children also prevent other toxic pesticides to enter their bodies which often exist in significant volumes in non-organic foods. For example, research says that the entire Indian population contacts various agricultural chemicals on an everyday basis. The effects may not show up instantly but the chemicals are potent enough to cause diseases like cancer.

Organic food is the richest and purest way to include vitamins in your diet

Consuming organic food, children prevent pesticides from entering their bodies. They can cause serious ailments especially to children who have weak immunity. Consuming organic food also provides the necessary vitamins required for the child to grow healthy. It lessens the chances of suffering early age chronic health implications which may leave a lifelong effect on the lives of children.

Benefits of giving organic meat 

Giving organic meat and dairy products to your children keeps them away from consuming endocrine-disrupting chemicals. The latter is fed to nonorganic livestock. It is done to increase the rate of reproduction, however negatively affecting their reproductive cycles.

If you think that the chemicals are washed away by the vendors while buying, you’re wrong. The chemical stains still remain on the bodies of non-organic meat which are harmful for your child’s health. Choosing organic meat evades such ominous consequences. So feed your children with meat which does not contain daily doses of detrimental antibiotics.

More nutrients

Organic products undeniably have more nutrients than non-organic counterparts. This includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients.

Organic food contains more nutrients as it is grown in soil which is nurtured using sustainable practices complying with responsible standards.

The organic items such as organically grown fruits, and vegetables, and grains consist of higher nutrient levels than non organic goods.

For example, research proved that 4 variants or organic veggies like lettuce, spinach, carrots, and potatoes contained higher vitamin C levels than non organic variants.

Taking heed of numeric figures, organic products give your children 21.1% more iron than non organic products. Children get 27% more vitamin C consuming organic food than non organic variants. Additionally, organic food provides 29% more magnesium and 13.7% more phosphorus.

Do you want your kids to consume harmful GMO?

GMO means genetically modified organisms. They contaminate our food at alarming rates, with repercussions which are beyond understanding. Now organic foods or products grown organically cannot be genetically modified in any way. Hence, choosing organic food is the only prime way to ensure that foods which are genetically engineered stay out of your children’s diet.


If you think that organically grown foods taste gross then know that they actually taste good. It’s because they are grown in well balanced soil which produces healthy, nourished and strong plants.


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