10 Darth Vader Weaknesses That Will Make You Say WTF

Darth Vader was, is and probably will be the greatest villain in the movie-making industry. The way George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise has portrayed him, bringing the essence of a man reaching the peak of his strength through sheer hatred and anger is a precedent for many. Along with his penchant for evil, Darth Vader also happens to be one of the fiercest and strongest warriors of the Force. Despite his immense powers, he still has weaknesses. And some of them are so crazy that is downright laughable. Presenting 10 insane Darth Vader weaknesses that will make you say WTF!!!

 1. Electricity

Darth Vader is highly susceptible to electricity. This has something to do with his robotic arms and legs which were used to replace his severed limbs after the battle of Mustafar. Lightning can actually short circuit his prosthetics and make him completely immobile and useless. That is why Darth Vader cannot even use one of the Sith’s trademark abilities – the Force Lightning.

 2. Rage

Anger has been the reason for the downfall of many great warriors and Darth Vader is no exception to this logic. Anakin Skywalker had a rough childhood. His Jedi training wasn’t able to clear that residual rage out of his body. That is why Obi-Wan Kenobi was able to beat the shit out of Anakin in Mustafar. Obi-Wan fought with his mind, defensively and conserving his strength. Anakin gave away to his rage and fought with his heart and eventually lost.

 3. Thin-skinned

Weaknesses of Darth Vader

Behold, there is at least one similarity between Darth Vader and Donald Trump – both are extremely thin-skinned and highly vulnerable to making an ass out of themselves when taunted. When Galen Malek fought Darth Vader in The Force Unleashed novelization, Malek kept taunting Vader about his past failures. Vader lost his cool and lost the fight.

 4. Battery Life

Believe it or not, it is not the force that keeps Darth Vader charged up throughout the day. It is good old electricity. Darth Vader’s suit contains several life support systems, sensory subsystems and neural net routines that keep him walking and talking. It is extremely crucial for Vader to recharge himself once his battery runs low otherwise he would just stop breathing.

 5. Faulty Life Support systems

Darth Vader, as we said, has a suit that is essentially a life support system that helps the guy stay alive. But there is one other problem other than battery life for Vader when it comes to his suit. The respiratory mechanisms within his suit are extremely prone to damage and need extensive repair once they break down. For a guy that pretty much fights the whole galaxy, that is like the final nail in the coffin.

 6. Neural Net

The Neural Net placed strategically between Darth Vader’s brain and the suit’s spine is what allows Anakin Skywalker to control the prosthetic limbs in the suit. But here’s the catch – since the suit runs on electricity, a powerful EMP device could disrupt it and cause it to malfunction. Darth Vader would be as good as a lifeless corpse.

 7. Chest Panel

The Chest Panel we see on Vader’s suit is actually the thing that controls everything Vader’s suit does. The right combination of keys, if pressed, could shut him down. It has already been done in the comics. But accessing that chest panel requires standing in front of Vader to do it, which is like asking the bull to hit you in the ass.

 8. His whole damn suit

Darth Vader has so many issues with his suit that it still makes us wonder as to why he keeps wearing it. Why won’t just the Empire make him a new, more updated one? There is a reason the Empire doesn’t. Darth Vader’s old suit requires regular maintenance and so he will forever be dependent on the Empire and its army of technicians. There is no risk of Darth Vader going rogue then.

 9. Lack of Sleep

Sleep Deprivation is probably Vader’s greatest enemy. Due to his suit’s subsystems being particularly noisy, Vader has trouble sleeping. He also has permanent wounds that never heal and cause him great pain. Those wounds are blotted down by administering chemical painkillers into his body. There are also needles inserted into his mind and spine. Even if Vader does try to sleep, the nightmares of his past battles instantly wake him up.

 10. Lost the chance to become the greatest Force Warrior

Darth Vader Weaknesses

Anakin Skywalker’s connection to the Force was so strong that even Yoda was taken aback. But that potential of his to become the greatest warrior of the Force was lost when he transformed from a vengeful Jedi to a broken Sith Lord. As Darth Vader, Anakin had lost most parts of his body and along with that his connection with the force was a shadow of his former self’s. Anakin was also not as interested in the Dark Side of the Force so he never truly mastered it. Darth Vader was strong but he could never live up to Anakin Skywalker’s potential.

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