10 Darth Vader Powers We Bet Even Die-Hard Fans Never Knew

No villain, how cool can ever simultaneously reproduce the same aura and character depth that Darth Vader did in Star Wars. For the first time ever, a movie franchise was defined not by its hero but buy its villain. Darth Vader is truly one of the most powerful Force users in the whole Galaxy far, far away. He has been a part of both the Jedi Order and the Sith. He is too damn powerful. But do you know everything there is to know about Darth Vader? Presenting – 10  Darth Vader Powers we bet even die-hard fans never knew!!!

 1. Kinetite

 Darth Vader has trouble utilising force Lightning. So he uses another kind of ability called the Force Kinetite. It lacks the stunning aspect of Force powered Lightning but it has several other unique qualities. Force Kinetite has a very good offensive ability. It can push objects and people away. It is dangerous to use it against a Jedi who can deflect it straight back but against non-Force-sensitive users. It is a great weapon to use against.

 2. Cybernetic Enhancements

Powers of Darth Vader

 After his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi in Mustafar, Anakin suffered major injuries that h could never recover of. His limbs were replaced by prosthetic ones and his spinal cord was attached to a neural adapter that increased his reflexes tenfold. His cybernetic enhancements gave him enhanced strength, speed and agility.

 3. Force Fields

You do not need to be a Force User to create a Force Field in the Star Wars universe. You just need to have the right technology. From droids to war tanks, everything in the Star Wars universe comes equipped with a barrier of energy. But did you know Darth Vader doesn’t need one? He has not only created Force Fields out of the Force but also deflected Blaster Fire long before Kylo Ren did in The Force Awakens.

 4. Force Camouflage


The ability of Force Camouflage is a necessary one if you are a Sith or a Jedi in the Star Wars Universe. One Force User can automatically sense the presence of another Force user by the former’s connection to the Force. The ability of Force Camouflage used by both the Sith Lords and the Jedi Knights allows them to mask their presence from other users of the Force.

 5. Force Beam

It is possible to create laser-like beams that could annihilate anything in their path by using just the Force to mould it. In fact, Darth Vader has used it several times in the comic books and associated games like the Soul Caliber series. It is based on the principle of channelling all your anger and hate into the force and forging a beam of energy out of the resulting shockwave.

 6. Prosthetic replacement

Since Darth Vader is essentially a torso attached to a pair of robotic hands and legs, it is possible for him to replace them within a matter of minutes if they are damaged or destroyed. During the 2017 comic book series from Marvel featuring Darth Vader as the lead character, Vader once was grievously wounded fighting a rogue Jedi. He would then replace his limbs with spare robotic limbs from the junkyard and go on to defeat the Jedi who defeated him in the first place.

 7. Enhanced Vision

Since Vader goes nowhere without his helmet, we had to include it in the list. His helmet has a special lens mechanism that allows Vader enhanced zoom in vision along with the ability to see in both the Infrared and Ultraviolet spectrum.

 8. Magnetic Boots

Darth Vader has a pair of magnets attached to his prosthetic feet that he can activate on command. Even if the hull of his ship to blown to smithereens, Vader ain’t going nowhere. He also can use it to scale steep surfaces.

 9. Underwater adaptation

Many believed that since Darth Vader is essentially a walking talking circuit board, he could be easily defeated by an age-old nemesis of electronics – water. But it has been proven to be false. Darth Vader’s suit is waterproof and he can use the Force to create an air bubble that could help him survive the immense pressures of the deep waters.

 10. Bleeding


 Darth Vader Powers

All the lightsabers you see in the Star Wars movies are powered by Kyber Crystals, a valuable mineral that is the only way a laser blade could be generated. During the reign of the Emperor, all the Kyber Crystal mining sites were destroyed. The remaining Sith would be given a new Crystal and they would have to corrupt it by pouring all their negative thoughts and hatred into it. The process is called Bleeding and Darth Vader has mastered it although he almost went insane while doing so.

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