Marvel Phase 3 Has Dropped Star Wars Easter-Egg in the Most Amazing Way

Marvel has become the biggest brand in Hollywood now as every big actor now wants to appear in an MCU movie. The MCU has even gone past the Star Wars franchise when it comes to popularity and Box Office Reigns. Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther have proven to be even bigger than the Star Wars franchise. The entire Marvel Phase 3 has established Marvel has the biggest player in Hollywood. Disney owns these two big guns but they have never actually been linked together even through mere Easter Eggs.

Well, the MCU has paid its tribute to the Star Wars franchise in certain ways, but the Star Wars franchise has not returned the favour. Well recently, a Reddit user named KYLO733 shared a post telling how exactly has Star Wars been referenced in all the movies of Phase 3. We had a big Star Wars reference in all the Phase 2 MCU movies and now, major Easter Eggs from the MCU has paid homage to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, where Luke Skywalker is electrocuted in his fight with the Emperor. Have a look:

Here’s what KYLO733 wrote in comments about it:

“As we know, Phase Two was confirmed to have an Empire Star Wars reference of characters losing their hands. So when Phase Three started, I noticed this but waited until Infinity War until I posted. It’s basically characters getting electrocuted/lightning struck, as Luke is in Return of the Jedi (3rd OT movie). I couldn’t find the Black Panther or Infinity War clips but will update with pics soon (the reference is in these movies though). [It] has also happened to an extent in some the TV shows but I would have to re-watch the others.”

Marvel Phase 3 Star Wars

It is actually debatable that the situations in which the lightning were used were different than Star Wars, but the final product is similar to Star Wars, so it does count. It is no mystery that MCU does take up inspirations from the Star Wars franchise, and Kevin Feige himself has confirmed that. He said:

“I read [The Star Wars Sourcebook] from cover to cover and it was a wealth of new information. And one of the great things about Star Wars and one things that I think is great about the Marvel characters from the comics and what we try to emulate in the movies is if you’re the kind of person that wants to go see it on opening weekend, our job is to make sure you have a great time. If you want to see it a second time, our job is to make sure there’s more there. Third, fourth, fifth time, still more there. And even the deeper you go, there’ll be things to reward you. And I learned that directly from Star Wars and from those West End Sourcebooks.”

He continued:

“We have the core group of filmmakers of the executive producer teams. Again, we’ve been together for almost ten years. And it’s a little internal group that for various reasons we call Parliament. At the least of which is we often yell at each other across tables. And keeping track of that is not as complicated I think for us as it is for Star Wars. We’ve got ten years, Star Wars has got like 40 plus years. But it really comes out of each individual film and what’s best for each individual story that we’re telling but it is the core group of filmmakers that work on all these movies that keep track of all that.”

Well, similar to the Phase 3 references, Marvel Phase 2 also presented some major references in Phase 2. Star Wars Episode 5 had displayed Luke Skywalker having his hand chopped off, which was majorly referenced in all Phase 2 movies. In every movie that came out after Avengers, people lost their arms in some ways or the other.

Thor: The Dark World had Thor having his hand chopped off in an illusion created by Loki, Iron man 3 showed Killian losing his arm, The Winter Soldier had Bucky without his left arm, Age of Ultron had Klaue getting his arm cut off and Ant-Man also had a similar reference. It is great how the MCU puts in Easter Eggs from all other franchises.

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