Avengers 4 Theory – Will the Winter Soldier Be Erased from the MCU?

Avengers: Infinity War was a movie that Marvel fans have been waiting for ever since it was announced. It had so many thrilling aspects that gave us nothing but jaw drops. It had a really dark ending and actually portrayed Thanos as the winner against the Avengers. Now Avengers 4 will bring in aspects that we would not even have imagined! It will literally play with our minds. 

For starters, Time Travel is going to be majorly involved in the movie and the entire movie could possibly be built around it, just like Ant-Man and the Wasp is actually built around getting Janet back from the Quantum Realm. Avengers 4 has been compared to the series ‘Lost’ which portrays alternate timelines, flashbacks, flashforwards, flashsideways and this is what could actually happen in Avengers 4.

Since all the makers of the movie insist upon the fact that the heroes who got disintegrated are permanently dead even though they have sequels in coming, and no one would actually be revived. So if that may be the case, then Marvel would surely be moving in the direction of preventing the big snap from ever happening if they have Time Travel significantly involved.


But with Time Travel, so many things in the MCU could be changed. Not just the future, but the horrors of the past could also be fixed if Marvel wants to completely rewrite history and start off fresh with Phase 4. Well, this idea has actually been picked up from a recent interview that Sebastian Stan who plays the Winter Soldier was involved in.

Bucky aka the Winter Soldier aka the White Wolf did not get a much essential role in Avengers: Infinity War as he was probably amongst the heroes that got the least amount of screen time, and were to be used to increase the crowd in the battle of Wakanda, and give us an impact by dying right at the end. But, if you think about it, the way the plot of Infinity War was set up, Bucky really had a huge metal hand in it. If it wasn’t for his character arc, we may have seen the third Avengers movie be portrayed through a different angle, or it may have happened completely differently. 

Recently, Sebastian Stan appeared at ACE Comic-Con, and there he was asked that what Bucky would do if he got his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet. Stan replied with probably the most sensible answer saying that the only thing Bucky would do would be going back in time. Here’s what he said:

“There’s only one place he’d go which is back in time, y’know? Yeah, he’d probably go back in time, right, try to fix all of the things he’s done wrong for starters. Maybe not get on that train? I don’t know.”

Avengers 4 Winter soldier erased from MCU

By this, people actually thought that this is a hint to what will probably happen to Bucky in Avengers 4, and there are possibilities, that Time Travel could also be used in this way. So what if the events in Avengers 4 take place in the way that the history of Bucky is changed. He does not kill the Starks and is not even involved in the crisis that he actually caused in the real timeline. Just like this, many other characters could have their pasts changed.

The upcoming Black Widow movie is a prequel to the Avengers movie, but with Avengers 4 theorizing to change the pasts as well, Widow could actually write a different past that we are not aware of. This would also allow Bucky to team up with her somehow.

Winter Soldier

But I don’t really think that Marvel could go upon this path because along with fixing the MCU’s horrific pasts, it will also be erasing the events of various movies that have taken place over the years. If Bucky was not this bad guy that needed saving, the entire Civil War plot would never have taken place. We could easily lose the connections that we have made with these characters over the years.

So, what do you guys think about this? Will Marvel go to such lengths? Tell us in the comments.

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