Every MCU Character That Could Appear In The Black Widow Solo Movie

Black Widow is amongst the most beloved MCU characters and now the fans are finally getting the first Black Widow solo movie which will be a prequel set before the first Avengers movie. Cate Shortland has been hired to direct and Jac Schaeffer will write the script of the movie. Since it is a prequel, we could actually get to see some amazing characters who have been around in the past or during Phase 1 to appear in the film. Here are all the characters that could show up along with ScarJo’s Black Widow:

 1. Nick Fury

The Director of SHIELD could come into play very heavily in this movie. It may very well be an origin story to Natasha Romanoff as Black Widow and we could see Nick Fury recruiting her for SHIELD. Fury will be seen in his younger days in the Captain Marvel movie, and we could easily see a similar story set in the past that involves this amazing character that the MCU has not fully tapped till now.

 2. The Winter Soldier

We would have loved to see a Bucky and Widow team up just like in the comics, but since the movie is set in the past, Marvel would have to go back to the days when Bucky was the Winter Soldier. He could be employed in the plot as the agent of HYDRA, as Natasha already knew about him in Captain America 2, which is where the writers could cash in.

 3. Mockingbird

Black Widow Solo Movie

Bobbie Morse showed up in the second season of Agents of SHIELD. She was clearly a part of SHIELD from way before than the show brought her in, so could easily be teaming up with Natasha and lift the whole All-female heroes vibe the MCU has been giving into these days. This would be the first time, a character originated in an MCU TV show would star in an MCU movie.

 4. Killmonger

Erik Killmonger was an amazing character that many people actually loved even more than T’Challa. Since he died in the movie, his future is sort of uncertain in Phase 4, but if Marvel could bring him back in a movie that is actually set in the past, we would be all in for it. Killmonger was a bad-ass operative of the Navy Seals and Joint Special Operations Command unit, so seeing him face Black Widow at some point could be an interesting fight!

 5. Ghost

Ava Starr was revealed to be an operative of SHIELD in Ant-Man and the Wasp. SHIELD could have a significant part in the Black Widow movie if Fury is also involved, so Ghost could be used in there as well. After watching Ant-Man and the Wasp, people surely had the question of why was Ghost never mentioned in the MCU before, and this movie could easily give us some more build up upon her character.

 6. Agent May

If Mockingbird could be brought in, then we have to admit that seeing the most bad-ass woman from Agents of SHIELD would be great. Marvel has to bring in the Cavalry to team up with Black Widow. Melina May would really work well in the film.

 7. Agent Coulson

Well, you may already be thinking that if 4 members of SHIELD are already on the list, then why should we miss out on our favourite Agent of SHIELD. Coulson was heavily featured in Phase 1, and this prequel could bring him doing exactly that. His history with May could also be explored further.

 8. Maria Hill

Why should “Robin Sparkles” be left out if all the major SHIELD members are coming in!

 9. Hawkeye

Black Widow Solo Movie MCU Character

To this day, one big unsolved question that bugs everyone is sure “What happened in Budapest?” Hawkeye and Black Widow work really well with each other and seeing them team up even for a while in the Black Widow movie would be a treat to watch. The audiences do love the archer and that has been proved by the demand to see him in Infinity War. Jeremy Renner would surely love to return for yet another MCU movie if it happens real soon. By the looks of Black Widow, we could be getting the movie as quick as July 31, 2020.

Since this is a prequel, adding a Bruce Banner Cameo would only feel forced. Black Widow will next appear in Avengers 4 which comes out on May 3, 2019. 

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