4 Superheroes You Didn’t Know Were Best Friends

Whether it is to save the Gotham city or the takeover of the Stark Industry weapons by militants, superheroes fight like one army and sometimes prefer to go further without their sidekicks. We get to see a brief insight of several superheroes in the crossover events, but that’s not just they are up to with each other. Some of the superhero-friendship includes Captain America-Iron Man and Superman-Batman. However, you might not know about other friendship duos. We have already done that. So here we are counting down on four superheroes you have no idea were actually best friends.

1. Spider-Man and Captain Britain


Everybody knows the web-slinging Spider-Man and his overall personality. But you might not know about the this Britain version of Captain America, Captain Britain. Also dubbed as Brian Braddock, Captain Britain possessed his superpowers from her daughter Roma, who is an Omniversal guardian, and also from a magician Merlyn. Later, Marvel got him to collaborate with Spider-Man. After that, Braddock visited America and became friends with Spider-Man.

2. Cyborg and Shazam


Victor Stone(Cyborg) and Billy Batson(Shazam) become good friends in the 2011’s New 52 reboot, where they were bonded into the kinship after they became friends. They had a pretty strong friendship. Generally, characters with similar superpowers and abilities feel competitive to each other, but that is not the case with them.

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