Five Essentials For Being Healthy

Well, a lot of people try hard to “be fit”. But, being healthy isn’t very hard. You just need to do a few things right and the job is done. Being healthy shouldn’t be a motive. It should be a routine. People make this mistake of taking it as a challenge. Instead, one should include it as a part of daily life.

Trying to get yourself healthy should not look like a job. It should be as easy as breathing and as enjoyable as eating your favourite dish. As said, it is not hard to be healthy, here are a few essentials you should do on a daily basis to be healthy:


One of the most important thing to keep us alive is food. Lately, we have started dumping all kinds of unhealthy stuff into our stomach. Having unhealthy diet will affect you in the long run. So, one should switch to a healthy diet and sometimes eat junk (and not vice-versa). With this, we should also maintain a proper schedule and eat at a particular time.

Disciplining your eating routine will keep you healthy. Choosing healthy food to eat doesn’t always mean choosing tasteless food. Well, you can cook a lot of healthy dishes which certainly tastes good!



Well, your 6th class science book might have told you that our body is made up of 70 per cent of water. One interesting fact that some people tend to forget is our body absorbs some water every second. So, to keep the score 70, you need to drink water. Also, drinking lots of water has a lot of advantages to your body. Your body fluids are maintained, water detoxifies your body and makes your skin look great. So, ensure you drink three to five litres of water every day.



Exercising doesn’t always mean going to the gym and spending time with tread mills and dumbbells. You can do a lot of other things as well. Like jogging early in the morning, brisk walking, dancing, aerobics, etc. Exercising helps you in keeping your body, mind and soul fit. You can also do some meditation and breathing exercises. Also, exercise doesn’t mean you work out for some minutes and spend the rest of the day lazing. Choose stairs instead of the lift. Climb 2 or 3 floors every day! Walk if the destination is nearby.


A sound sleep is the next in the list. A body should rest for 7 hours at least to rejuvenate. Giving proper rest to your body makes it stronger. It’s not only the diet and exercise routine you need to follow. If you are not sleeping properly, the circuit will not be completed.

Be happy:

Well. The circuit gets completed here. Being happy is all it takes (with all the above) to make a healthy life. Laughing for a few minutes can increase your life. So, try to reduce the stress and be happy about life. Be thankful that you got another day to make use of. Replacing all the negative energy with the positive one, will make you a healthy person.


Well, with this, you should also stop smoking and drinking. Smoking and drinking does have negative effects on your body and mind. It might give you instant gratification, but in the long run, it will betray you! So, quit!

It is easy to say than done. True! But you need to start doing it. Make a conscious effort and start doing these things. Make a promise, instead a commitment that you would include these things in your daily life. Remember, healthy habits make a healthy man (and woman).

Jiddu Aditya

A multi-talented shy lad who loves to write, read, workout, travelling, play guitar, do photography and make the worst PJ's which can cause serious mental trouble. He is presently working with one of the Big 4 IT companies. But his real interest lies in Advertising.
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