10 Mysterious Facts About The Darkhold

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and WandaVision have revolved around a book called the Darkhold. But what exactly is this book? What powers does it have? WandaVision concluded its series on Disney+ on Friday this week. Agatha Harkness introduced the Darkhold in WandaVision. She implacably told Wanda that she does not realize the power of her magic. So let us talk about the book, Darkhold.

Here are the top 10 facts about the Darkhold:

Morgan Le Fay Trapped Chthon Using The Darkhold

Morgan le Fay was the sorceress of the Arthurian legend during the 6th century. She managed to find most of the pages of the Darkhold and bonded them into a single book. She gathered a group of cultists in a bid for power. She wanted to summon Chthon and force him into serving her. She convinced the group of cultists to do so. They made the mistake of underestimating Chthon’s power. They tried to banish Chthon back to his realm but failed. However, they found a spell that cast him into the Wundagore Mountain. Despite his efforts, Chthon still remains trapped in the Wundagore Mountains.

Chthon Used The Darkhold To Possess Scarlet Witch

Chthon was imprisoned on the Wundagore mountain. It was the same place where Wanda was born. On that day, Chthon infused Wanda with some of his powers. His plan was to inhibit Scarlet’s body. For that, he needed her to be the strongest being in the world. Chthon is the reason for Wanda’s reality-warping powers. Modred the Mystic kidnapped Scarlet Witch years later. He brought her to the Wundagore mountain. Modred used the Darkhold’s power to allow Chthon to possess Scarlet Witch’s body. Even with the combined might of the Avengers, Chthon was too powerful for them. It took a surprise attack from the Beast to give them the advantage they needed to free Scarlet Witch of Chthon’s hold on her.

Access Other Dimensions

The Darkhoold possess a lot of knowledge and power. This attracted Doctor Doom. He is the ruler of Latveria and Fantastic Four’s archnemesis. While studying the Darkhold, Doctor Doom discovered a portal that led him to Limbo. Limbo is a place that is full of demons. Doctor Doom managed to conquer Limbo. but his reign was short-lived. He was attacked by Captain Britain’s superhero team, Excalibur. The Darkhold can definitely tap into a lot of dimensions.

The Darkhold Transformed Blade Into Demogorge

Chthon left Earth because he was aware of Demogorge’s powers and intentions of killing all Gods. Chthon knew he had to have his own Demogorge. He was aware of the immeasurable destruction he could do with his own Demogorge. hence, Chthon bound some powers to the pages of the Darkhold. When Blade got a hold of the Darkhold, he read the spell. His intentions were to kill supernatural enemies. The spell turned him into the new “Demogorge”. He changed his name to “Switchblade”. He murdered Johnny Blaze (the former Ghost Rider), Demogoblin, Werewolf by Night, Morbius, and Danny Ketch (Blaze’s successor) before the spell was finally reversed.

Can Steal Your Soul

The Darkhold works on the concept of give-and-take. It is one of the most powerful tools in the world. The spells can give you whatever you want, but everything has a price attached. A sorcerer, known as Modred the Mystic learned this lesson well when he decided to use the Darkhold to do good in the world rather than evil. He gave up his soul for the Darkhold,  but it corrupted him so much that he was unable to use it to pursue his original goals. He became a pawn of Chthon, and he used Modred to bring him out of imprisonment.

Darkholders Tried To Sacrifice Carnage

A group of cultists discovered an interesting passage in the Darkhold. It said, “When the Red Slayer spills blood on sacred stone, he who sleeps shall wake and what walked will walk once again.” The Darkholders thought it meant that they have to sacrifice the ‘Red Slayer’. This sacrifice would resurrect their master, Chthon. People thought the ‘Red Slayer’ was the Spider-man villain Carnage. They deceived Carnage into coming to a Chthonic temple by saying that it will give him immortality. But instead of getting sacrificed, it caused the Darkholders to mutate into Carnage-like creatures.

Created The First Vampire

Before the Atlantis sank, a group of sorcerers got a hold of the  Darkhold scrolls and began using them evil. After being caught in a battle with Kull the Conqueror, nearly most of them were wiped out, but one remained. His name was Varnae. He was heavily wounded, but managed to cast a spell from the Darkhold that intended to unleash a new evil upon the world. After this death, he was resurrected as the world’s first vampire. Varnae was later thrust into conflict with Kull, Red Sonja, and Conan the Barbarian, but was able to escape, allowing him to spread the vampire curse.

The Darkholder Has A Spell That Kills All Vampires

Count Dracula was one of the many that wanted to have the Darkhold in their possession. But when Doctor Strange got aware that he wants the Darkhold, he instantly knew that he will not use it for any good. Doctor Strange then sets out on a journey. Doctor Strange discovered that within the Darkhold exists a spell that can wipe out all the Draculas, including the Lord of the Vampires himself. This spell was the Montesi Formula. Dracula sent a telepathic message to all the other vampires to stop Strange from reciting the spell. After a long battle, Strange managed to recite the spell and erased all the vampires out of existence.

Morbius Used The Darkhold To Resurrect His Girlfriend

The Darkhold can give back life as well. But certainly, at a cost. Morbius the Living Vampire used a page from the Darkhold to resurrect his dead girlfriend, Martine Bancroft. The spell restored her life. But her body was restored by a demon called the Parasite.  Morbius was forced to slit Martine’s throat in order to free her from Parasite’s control. Martine’s body recovered but she lost the ability to feel. She later became a vampire, like Morbius. As a result, Morbius has to stab right through her heart. Hence proving, that no good can come out of the Darkhold.

Created The Werewolf Curse

The Darkhold was introduced as the cause of lycanthropy – the Werewolf curse. The Darkhold’s first appearance was in Marvel Spotlight #4, the title that starred Werewolf by Night, Marvel’s most popular canine monster. The earliest known occurrence of werewolves was in the 18th century Transylvania when a man named Gregori Russoff was bitten by a wolf in the service of Dracula. The curse remained dormant in his family line. it was until the modern era when someone read the Darkhold spells that triggered the curse. The curse then passed on to his song, Jack Russel.

It surely feels like the Darkhold will hold a special place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the upcoming years. It has certainly been established well. What do you think about it?

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