Hawkeye Proves That Tony Learned Nothing From Age of Ultron

Hawkeye served as a lot of reminders to the events of the MCU considering the main focus of the series was towards the history of the titular character himself. The series was actually based on one of the original members of the Avengers, thus we did expect to see references and nods to some of the founding members of the Cinematic Universe. Generally, the shows and movie pack a fun nod to the events of the franchise but there was something more deeply referenced in the series that only fans of the franchise would understand. Tony Stark is one of the very first characters of the movies and fans have seen over the years that the character is responsible for some of the biggest enemies the group of heroes has faced over the years. It seems that the Disney+ series Hawkeye made a clear nod to the fact that Tony learned nothing from Age of Ultron.

Tony Stark’s Mistakes

It is fairly obvious to say that Iron Man is one of the most tragic heroes in the MCU. The character has been responsible for some of the most harmful villains that we have gotten to see from the movies. Such is the effect of his persona that there are still some villains lurking around who are actually created by him ever after his death in Avengers: Endgame. Most of the problems that Spider-Man suffers through are because of some of the events that actually Iron Man or Tony Stark himself is responsible for. Throughout the Infinity Saga, there have been various instances where the hero actually ended up causing some big blunders because of his self-centered egoistic persona.



The primary focus in the series was on the character of Hawkeye and this allowed us to get a lot of details regarding the character that we had not paid attention to earlier. One of the most awesome parts of the series was definitely when we were able to see the various trick arrows used by the character. Around the end of the series, we find out that they are out of trick arrows and they are forced to make some more because of the increasing number of villains they had to face off against.


While Kate Bishop and Clint were working on making these new trick arrows, we saw that Barton was actually using some Stark Tech. This might have been something that Stark might have given him in order to help the hero out. But the label of Stark Tech has a certain history to it that should have been a concern and could have been avoided.


Tony Learned Nothing From Age of Ultron

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, we saw that the characters of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff actually considered Stark as a villain because one of the Stark Industries bombs actually blew up their home in Sokovia. The two of them actually end up joining the HYDRA where they were further experimented upon using the Mind Stone. This also eased the process of Ultron getting them in his side so that they can fight against the Avengers. We got to witness the events in more detail in WandaVision where we saw the characters actually wait for a beeping Stark Industries bomb to explode and kill them at any minute. Though Stark isn’t responsible for the events, he should pay attention to the branding of these weapons as this might allow more such characters to go against him or his friends and family.


Tony Learned Nothing From Age of Ultron

As the narrative of Hawkeye took place in New York one can clearly imagine how people would end up associating Stark to the final events because of arrows with his name on them. As Stark is dead in the MCU, the blow for this will be received by his surviving family that including his wife and his daughter. This might end up having some influence on Morgan as she might grow up in a rather hostile environment and suffer the consequences of her father’s mistakes. There is a chance that something like this might actually be dealt with in the upcoming Iron Man spin-off series Armor Wars.

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