MCU: 5 Reasons Why Captain Marvel Should And Shouldn’t Lead The Avengers Team

Why Captain Marvel Should And Shouldn’t Lead The Avengers:

Captain Marvel is the most powerful and formidable superhero that we have ever seen in the MCU. She has definitely proved to possess the potentials that the Avengers require in a team member. However, when it comes to leadership, it needs a lot more than just power. Let us dig deep into Carol Danvers’ characteristics and see if she has what it takes to be a leader. Don’t forget to let us know about your opinion.

5 Reasons Why She Should Lead Avengers

 1. Strength To Face The Truth

Captain Marvel Trailer Skrulls

Finding out that she was lied to about her entire existence by her own team did leave her startled but didn’t break her. For an ordinary person, it takes a lot to process the betrayal and such a revelation about your life but Carol didn’t let that get into her way of duties towards the Skrulls. She subdued her pain and selflessly fought against the Kree to free the Skrulls.

 2. Unleashed Her Powers

A leader needs to know how to stand up for herself without any fear. Carol broke herself free from Yon-Rogg’s control over her powers and embraced them instead. Carol didn’t allow someone else’s voice to monitor her and became her own boss. Instead of letting Yon-Rogg stay in her head for too long, Carol realized her own strengths and unleashed them.

 3. For Saving Tony From Space

Avengers: Endgame Katherine Langford

Captain Marvel retrieved Tony Stark from deep space when his teammates had given up on him including Thor. Captain Marvel saved Iron Man from the brink of death. By bringing him back, she not only raised everyone else’s hope but gave Tony about 5 years to live his dream life with Pepper and his daughter, Morgan Stark. Furthermore, without Tony Stark, it wouldn’t have been possible to travel through time. This indicates how seriously Captain Marvel takes up her job by dedicating her life to the entire universe. Had she not been souring through space, she would have never found Tony.

 4. Grand Entrance

The post-credits of Avengers: Infinity War had indicated the strengths of Captain Marvel who was hidden by MCU all this long. Her final entrance at the Endgame battle had lived up beyond the hype and expectations. She rendered to be very useful to the Avengers by tackling Thanos and by singlehandedly destroying his warships without breaking a sweat.

 5. Ability To Beat Thanos

No matter how brave and powerful our Avengers were, it fell short when Thanos donned the Infinity Stones on his fist. The power stones gave him an edge over Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, together. Captain Marvel took the Mad Titan by surprise by smashing him down with all her might. Amidst the expansion of Avengers level threat to the outer space, Captain Marvel’s decades of experience fighting the intergalactic forces are what the team needs.

5 Reasons Why Shouldn’t Lead Avengers

 1. Lone Wolf

Even before Avengers, Captain Marvel proved to be a bad team player with her previous organization. Regardless of their intentions, she refused to coordinate and cooperate with her colleagues. Leaping straight to a leadership position without ever learning to be in a team would doom the Avengers.

 2. Too Confident Of Herself

Avengers: Endgame Audi Trailer Captain Marvel

One might assume that years of experience must have given her wisdom, Captain Marvel has turned nothing but way too self-reliant, shunning the team member’s opinions. She proved in Avengers: Endgame that she was not a team player as she ignored everyone else’ presence and stormed off to take down Thanos all by herself. Even though she meant good but undervaluing your teammates’ strengths and not bothering to consult with them for a plan is not good leader’s sign. It is understandable facing dangers and fighting them alone all these decades can turn one a lone wolf but that doesn’t deem her fit for a leadership position.

 3. Looks After Multi-Universe

Facts about Captain Universe The Marvel Universe

Carol has made peace with her duties as a hero of the multi-universes. She has no attachment or biasedness towards one planet alone. Her commitment and responsibilities towards other universes would hinder her duties on Earth. If she ever becomes a leader, it would be futile, for she would never be around to save the planet from any danger.

 4. Didn’t Show Up For Infinity War

We comprehend her commitment to multi-verses but that includes Earth as well. It is strange that a superhero who fights intergalactic threats in the space all year, every day, had no idea about Thanos’ attack on Earth. Where would she be had Nick Fury not left her the message? Infinity Stones are held most precious to the entities of the universes, yet Thanos’ plan to seize it from Earth slipped Captain Marvel’s ears as she didn’t show up to anyone’s rescue during the Infinity War.

 5. Never Around

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As mentioned before, Carol has never been on Earth since the ‘90s. She wouldn’t have even shown up in the Endgame battle had it not been for Nick Fury’s message. If she didn’t stick around all these years, we don’t see any reason for her stay even now. She has a lot on her plate and wouldn’t be ready to give up all her universal duties suddenly. The Avengers and Earth ran without her earlier, and will surely thrive this time as well.

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