Are You A Terminator Fan? We Have Some Bad News For You!

When Arnold Schwarzenegger became the Terminator T-800 that was sent to the past and went on a rampage through the streets of America looking for the hope of mankind and killing him before he could win the war against the machines, everyone knew how ridiculous the idea sounded. Yet the genius lied not in the simplicity of the story arc but the way it was presented by James Cameron, the fantastic portrayal by Arnold Schwarzenegger and how close the movie’s premise could be to the real world’s ground reality.

Terminator started the norm of sci-fi blockbusters in modern Hollywood. No movie came close to the success this franchise had achieved with just one movie under the belt. Terminator spawned a franchise of a busload of movies, all of them hits (more or less) and leaving fans wanting for more.

The recent Terminator: Genisys was a letdown but with Cameron returning back to direct a Terminator sequel, things are looking up. But sadly, H-Town is riddled with bad news lately. Terminator Fans, We have some bad news.

The Studio that owns the franchise rights is Paramount Pictures. And they have recently stated that the new Terminator movie could be delayed. To be precise, the new movie is to be pushed back four months to a November 2019 release date according to the Studio’s official announcement.

The news comes at a time when the lead actor of the Franchise, the very face of the Terminator movies, Arnold ‘The Terminator’ Schwarzenegger was in the news for his recent open-heart surgery. He underwent an emergency procedure in the city of Los Angeles.

Terminator 6

The Studio claims that the release date was pushed back not because of Arnold’s surgery but due to some other reason. We think otherwise. The movie had an original release date of July 26, 2019. The new release date after the Studio’s announcement has become November 22, 2019. That’s four long months before we see the Terminator again.

The movie will be a milestone and is already being predicted to be a sure shot Box Office Smash. Several of the original players from the first Terminator movie, the original and arguably the best one of the franchise, will be returning to reprise their roles in the new movie. Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron, the one who created this franchise from the ground up, will be returning for this new movie. Cameron will be directing the movie under Sky Dance Media. In many ways, this movie could have been what the Terminator franchise desperately needs – Redemption.

The rights of the Terminator Franchise originally belonged only to Cameron. Then the studio bought those rights from him and utterly desecrated the Terminator movies with shitty direction and absolute crap of a storyline. Soft Reboots and Revivals followed with utterly zero benefit to the franchise and the movies become stagnant. James Cameron will get those rights back in 2019 when the legality of the contract between Cameron and Paramount Pictures becomes null and void and the rights will automatically revert back to the original owner. Maybe that is why Cameron has shown increasing interest in a new movie.

Terminator 6

T-4 and T-5 were supposed to reboot the franchise and instill in it a new sense of direction and a different cast of characters that could have become the future of the franchise. Both movies failed to wow the fans and the earnings of each at the Box Office were less than stellar. Genisys was widely panned by several of the diehard fans. Cameron returning back would help the fans calm down. He could use this opportunity to use a newer storyline, reboot the franchise and install new characters to a franchise that is in desperate need of it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has himself claimed he does not consider the events of Genisys as canon. That means Cameron could just forget that events of Genisys ever happened and focus on something entirely different. Though Genisys is getting the silent treatment lately, it could still act as a functional sequel for the planned Trilogy under Cameron. For now, all we know about the movie is that it will be a direct continuation of the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

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