Every Time Thor Was Severely Injured in Marvel Comics

Thor Injured in Marvel Comics:

Thor is a God in both Marvel Comics and in Norse mythology which makes him immortal. However, he had near-death experiences in Marvel Comics when he was seriously injured. Being a God throws him at wars with other intergalactic forces that are as invincible as the God of Thunder. Find out the 10 times when Thor was so brutally wounded that he had to push himself hard to survive.

 1. Thor vs Bor

Bor was a powerful God and the king of Asgard, father of Odin and grandfather of Thor. During his time, he defeated Malekith and his army of Dark Elves. He possessed the same powers as the other Gods of Asgard but was stronger than them for his age. In one of Loki’s devious plans, Bor was resurrected from death and deceived to believe that his son was dead and that the Earth was at the hands of demons. Losing his mind at the sight of it, Bor went berserk and could only be stopped by Thor. Their paths did meet and they both fought each other without knowing who the other was. With Bor’s blood in his hands, severe punishment was cast over Thor from Asgard.

 2. Thor vs The Destroyer

We came across Durok the Destroyer in the first movie of Thor when Loki was the one holding its strings. It was created by Loki with Odin’s Power Ring and Karnilla. But in the comics, it was Dr. Doom who took charge of The Destroyer and showed no mercy whatsoever. The mindless Destroyer’s existence was to destroy all the Norse Gods and therefore his powers were built at par with them. It managed to tear down Thor and send him to Hela.

 3. Thor Vs Hela

Thor Injured in Marvel Comics

Hela was impossible to defeat for Thor in the movie Ragnarok. But she was an even bigger nightmare for the God of Thunder in the comics so much so he would have, perhaps, preferred death over her. She cursed Thor’s bones to turn so fragile that a blow from an enemy would instantly break him down.  Thor obviously became worthless in fights because of defeat but inevitable.

 4. Thor Vs the God Butcher

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You must have figured out why Thor hated this enemy. Gorr aka The God Butcher went on a rampage to slaughter all Gods to avenge his miserable past. It was during the Vikings era when he ran into Thor and attacked him with a sword. Thor was almost on the edge of betting butchered when the Vikings came to his rescue. Even though Thor managed to escape him that day, Gorr never gave up on hunting him down.

 5. Thor Vs Thanos

Thor Injured in Marvel Comics

What we saw in the Infinity War movie was way gentle than what was written in the pages. After acquiring the Infinity Gems, Thanos easily flicked away all the mighty marvel superheroes off his path effortlessly. But when his path crossed with Thor’s, the Mad Titan turned him into a glass and smashed him into a million pieces. Imagine recovering from that!

 6. When Thor Went To Hell

Once, Thor embarked on a journey to Hela’s Hel in order to rescue the innocent souls. This sparked a huge war between the siblings and Hela being the stronger one brought Thor into a miserable condition. He managed to barely slip away on threatening to destroy her cape.

 7. Thor vs Malekith

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Surely you watched this battle in Thor: The Dark World but it was just a droplet in an ocean. Malekith’s powers were shortened and undermined in the movie. It was the comic version of the leader of the Dark Elves that gave rise to Jane Foster as the new Thor. Malekith was one of the biggest and the strongest enemies of Thor who cut off God’s army and won the battle.

 8. Thor vs Wrecker

Out of all his defeats, this was the most embarrassing one for Thor. Wrecker was merely a gangster who bumped into Thor when Odin had stripped him of his powers. As a mortal, Thor was unable to defeat Wrecker who brutally brought him at the brink of death.

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