10 Highest Grossing Solo Superhero Movies At The Domestic Box Office, Ranked

The Superhero genre is the fantasy world that is turned into reality on the big screen. We are really lucky to be a part of this generation and timeline that we get to see more and more comic book movies be brought on the big screen.

With the coming of MCU, the Superhero genre has taken a major flight towards being the best thing to ever happen to Hollywood, and now, there no stopping it for at least a decade more. Hollywood is now really investing in comic book movies because the entire Superhero Genre is a big money maker, and people love to watch comic book movies all across the world and especially in the home of Hollywood, USA.

These Superhero movies make huge amounts of money at the US box office, and here is a list of the highest grossing solo Superhero movies in the US, ranked from lowest to highest.

Spider-Man 3 

This movie is considered to be the worst of the Sam Raimi trilogy. Even though it managed to become the highest grossing solo Spider-Man movie till date, it still did not make as much as the previous two movies did domestically. On a huge budget of $258 Million, it grossed $151 Million on its opening weekend and brought in a total of $336 Million in the US.

Spider-man 3 marked the third time that Toby McGuire took up the mantle of your favorite neighborhood. However, the movie did way worse than originally expected. The feature film had everything, a couple of villains, betrayal by old friends, damsel in distress, and an overall story arc with three acts. However, it proved too much for the audience and resulted in a movie that the masses rejected and a franchise that the studio moved away from.  As always, ambition in excess burns out faster than you expect.


Deadpool became the highest grossing R-Rated movie of all time worldwide, and it also manages to enter the top ten list domestically as well. It is one of the most profitable movies ever made by any studio, as on a budget of just $58 Million, it brought in a record-breaking $132 Million in the first three days, and then went on to earn $363 Million at the Domestic Box Office.

Ryan Reynolds was re-incarnated as the Merc with a mouth ever since his death in the superhero genre with “Green Lantern”. The entire movie was only made because someone leaked the screen test of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. The clip of the highway scene which also made it into the movie was a hilarious tidbit of the potential of the character that is Deadpool himself. Whenever the Merc is presented to the public, they eat up a smart mouthing wise-ass with the intellect of either a hyper-intelligent being or rather usually of a five-year-old.

Spider-Man 2

The best solo Spider-Man movie till date stands at number 8 on this list. Coming out back in 2004, the movie grossed $88 Million on its opening weekend. Since the first Spidey movie did really well, Spidey 2 got a budget of $200 Million and managed to gross $373 Million in the US.

The movie featured one of the most impactful villains in the history of Spiderman movies. It sprayed fans with bouts of entertainment and essential integrity of villains that comic book movies so rightly need. The portrayal of Doc Oc was so breathtaking that the fans believed that we could harness the power of the sun.


Coming out in 2002, Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie was groundbreaking for the entire Superhero genre. On a budget of $139 Million, the movie made a $114 Million in its first weekend and made a record-breaking $403 Million in total at the US Box Office.

The first installment in the Spiderman series was also one of the most successful at the box office. We see for the first time, Toby McGuire take up the mantle of Spiderman, becoming a superhero after coming to terms with his uncle’s death and realizing that with great power comes great responsibility.

Captain America: Civil War 

Well, Civil War is a team-up movie, but since it is a story about one Superhero mainly, it would be eligible in this list. The movie based on a huge comic book event got a big budget of $250 Million. The result was way beyond expectations as it made $179 Million in its opening weekend and grossed a total of $408 Million in the US.

Arguably one of the most crucial movies in the MCU in terms of plot. The movies follow the falling out of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, a fellow brother in arms and Avengers because of Steve Rogers sides with his oldest friend, Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier. The moment when the ultimate climax of the movie unfolds we see the Winter Soldier and Captain America take on Iron Man in an epic showdown that culminated into an amazing ending.

Iron Man 3 

By now, we all know that Iron Man is a huge money maker for the MCU, so seeing an Iron Man movie in this list should not come as much of a surprise. Iron Man 3 was huge as it made $409 Million at the US Box Office and had an opening weekend of $174 Million.

Who doesn’t remember the first Iron Man 3 trailer, the Mandarin video, the very first one, when it assured and presented Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin to us, we were shell-shocked and then we relished in the anticipation of the movie. Alas! We never saw the real Mandarin take hold. But the marketing worked just fine, resulting in perhaps the movie landing in the category of higher earners in the industry.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman became the highest grossing movie ever to be made by a female director. It excelled in all aspects. On a budget of just $149 Million, it grossed $412 Million in the US and brought in $103 Million within the first 3 days.

Gal Gadot was a huge hit with the masses. The soldier turned model turned actor turned superhero landed on screens as Wonder Woman. The DCEU’s saving grace, earning praise from the fans and the critics alike. The movie also made good money at the box office and catapulting Gal Gadot to the forefront of the DCEU making Wonder Woman the flag bearer of success in the DCEU.

The Dark Knight Rises 

The third movie in Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy was bound to make huge money anyway. having a budget of a whole $250 Million, TDKR managed to bring in $160 Million in the first weekend, and then it had really strong legs as it went on to bring in $448 Million domestically.

The Dark Knight Rises set the benchmark for what a superhero ending should be like. Grand in scale and redeeming in nature is what Christopher Nolan presented to us and it is what Batman fans loved. Watching Tom Hardy’s Bane shatter Christian Bale’s Batman made us question our heroes and their abilities. But the final battle made us believe in the existence of good and how one man’s sacrifice can save an entire population.

The Dark Knight

Nolan’s The Dark Knight was probably the best Superhero movie of all time. It was the last movie of late Heath Ledger who gave a legendary performance as the Joker before dying. On a total budget of $185 Million, The Dark Knight brought in $158 Million in the first 3 days and grossed a huge $533 Million in total in the USA.

The greatest comic book movie to be ever made, the Dark Knight was the second installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The Dark Knight faces the Joker for the very first time. The chaotic evil comes face to face with the self-righteous justice. The immovable object encounters the Unstoppable Force and they clash in this sequel to Batman Begins in epic proportions. This movie won the hearts of many and Heath Ledger’s portrayals of the clown prince of crime has become a matter of legend among fans of the series.

Black Panther Superhero movies

This revolutionary movie has broken a gazillion records. It has become the highest grossing Superhero movie of all time at the Domestic Box office as it beat The Avengers with ease. It currently stands at $655 Million at the US box office.

The latest installment in what has become a very successful movie franchise (Marvel Cinematic Universe) the story of Black Panther is a simple one. One that focuses on ascension to the throne and righteousness of your cause. The character of Erik Killmonger (the main antagonist) seems just as justified as that of the protagonist. The characters move with purpose and vigor and the audience always appreciates a well-structured story littered with action.

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