5 Superheroes Who Should Crossover With Guardians of The Galaxy

Till now the Avengers has been the most popular team of Superheroes of the MCU, but with two hugely successful movies under its belt, The Guardians Of The Galaxy have also risen to having a lot of fame. This is why it would be really exciting if our favorite Superheroes were to supposedly join the Superhero team of the Cosmos. Here are some Superheroes who should join the Guardians


Guardians Of The Galaxy

Well right now Venom has been confirmed to be separate from the MCU, but what if in the future he does end up in the MCU? The anti-hero being an alien symbiote could surely be a great addition to the team considering how he would gel with the likes of Drax and Rocket.

Captain Marvel

As Brie Larson is soon going to appear in her own solo Marvel movie and even possibly appearing in the upcoming Avengers movies, it will be really exciting to see if she gets to Cross-over with the Guardians of the Galaxy as she herself is an extra-terrestrial Superhero.

The Hulk

We all know that Hulk is going to feature in Thor Ragnarok and a little bit of Planet Hulk arc is going to be touched by the movie, but what if some more of it happens after Avengers 4 in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3. How cool would it be to see a Hulk and Groot team-up or even a match up against each other!


Thor Ragnarok is going to have a different take which is going to show the fans more of the cosmos other than just Asgard and Earth. But Thor’s future is really unknown post-Avengers 4. If Chris Hemsworth does stay in the MCU, it would be really interesting if he joins the Guardians in Vol.3.


We know that Spiderman is going to have 3 of his own solo movies in the MCU with Homecoming already out in the theaters. But as mentioned above, if Venom is going to be featured in a Guardians movie, it would be really amazing to have Spiderman to feature in it too as Spiderman could take him and other symbiotes down along with the Guardians.

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