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5 Funny Actresses Who Are Hot As Hell In Real Life

One of the things that make woman hit is the judgment of their beauty on the basis of their physical appearance. Well, a strong sense of humor goes along than the physical attributes. It is always there until you take your last breath. It is quick to fall in love with a hot girl but humor plays the trump against all. This time we look at a lethal combination of fun and beauty. Check out five sexiest funny actresses who are better than other hot models in the world.

 1. Jennifer Aniston

5 Funny Actresses Who Are Hot As Hell In Real Lives

Jennifer Aniston is popularly known as Rachel Greene from a popular sitcom ‘Friends’. Well, she looked funny and hot in several episodes, but in ‘We’re The Millers’ she was funny and hotter than hot.

2. Ann Farris

The American actress and produces is famously known to appear in the Scary Movie franchise. This time we pick The House of Bunny, where she appears to be a playboy bunny. Moreover, she was nominated for the Best Comedic Performance at MTV Movie Awards. She is looking extremely hot in her outfit and will leave you dazzled.

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