15 Comic Book Characters In The MCU You Missed- Part 1

The MCU movies took the liberty to construct the comic book plots their own way. Even though the directors and creative team try to keep the characters loyal to their origins, some tweaks are always added to blend with the film. Many obscure Marvel heroes like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man have been catapulted to stardom after getting the silver screens. However, the franchise couldn’t bring justice to every character in these 23 films and the few TV series. They were given a subtle nod on the screens but couldn’t grab our attention. These appearances were so small and insignificant that the viewer didn’t even notice them. Here are 15 comic book characters in the MCU movies that you missed.

 1. Hellcow

Yes! It is exactly what you are imagining. Hellcow was a vampire cow who was transformed by a Dracula. Her paths crossed with Deadpool and Howard the Duck in the comic books. She was hinted in Agents of SHIELD Season 2 in the episode “A Hen in the Wolf House”  when Simmons was studying red milk samples from “Bessie” that Simmons calls a “HellCow”.

 2. Eternals

Comic Book Characters In MCU

The arrival of Eternals in the MCU was finally announced at Disney’s D23. They are the oldest and the original heroes of the earth who appeared directly and indirectly in the MCU long before their official arrival. The Celestials from Guardians of the Galaxy had created the supremely powerful Eternals. It encouraged the Kree to produce Inhumans as an attempt to copy the same race of powerful beings. But the Eternal who has appeared in the MCU is Thanos. However, Thanos belongs to the mutants race of the Eternals.

 3. Cosmo

Cosmos was a dog sent into space by the Soviets where he absorbed the cosmic rays which enhanced his powers including telepathic powers. After he landed on Knowhere, he became one of the chief guards of the place. He also teamed up with Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy in the comic books. The Cosmo dog made a cameo in Collector’s creepy museum in Guardians of the Galaxy.

 4. Kid Colt

Kid Colt is a cowboy who has appeared in the western-themed Marvel adventures. He goes back before Captain America as well. Kid Colt’s name was explicitly mentioned in Agent Carter Season 2 in the episode titled “Better Angels”.

 5. Amadeus Cho

Comic Book Characters In MCU

Amadeus lies in the top 10 rank of the smartest humans on Earth. MCU had given a nod to the character by introducing the scientist Helen Cho in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Helen was Amadeus’ mother in the comic books.

 6. Blackwing

If you ever feel that you saw Batman in the Marvel books, it could be Blackwing. He is a supervillain in the Marvel universe who belongs to the crime family of Maggia. He dons a costume inspired by bats and rides on a bat symbol-shaped board. He is the alter-ego of Joseph Manfredi who existed in the MCU as a mere mafia from the Maggia family in Agent Carter, season 2, episode “Atomic Job.

 7. Blizzard

Blizzard was a recurring rival of Iron Man who was gifted with the powers to create ice shields and encapsulate people in ice. He appeared in the first and second season of Agents of Shield as Donnie Gil who was brainwashed into a bad guy by HYDRA.

 8. Celestials

Comic Book Characters In MCU
Comic Book Characters In MCU

Celestials were considered to be the first beings of space and thus become the Gods of the galaxy. They are giant creatures who possess an immeasurable amount of magic and powers. They were never introduced nor mentioned in the movies directly. All we have got so far is Knowhere in Guardians of the Galaxy which actually a head of a dead Celestial. The Celestials were infamous was utilizing the Infinity Stones and one of them is Eson the Searcher who is still alive.

 9. Blacklash

Another villain who reminds of Whiplash from Iron Man 2 is Blacklash aka Mark Scarlotti. Mark was a former employee at Stark Industries who left his job and joined the Maggia family. Blacklash was killed in the comic books by Iron man armor that somehow attained its own sentience. Blacklash made an appearance in Agents of Shield who was sent by Hydra.

 10. Chthon

Chthon was a demon who came into the picture long before most of the Gods in the Marvel universe.  The application of magic was pioneered by Chthon who also wrote a dark and dangerous Book of Sins titled Darkhood. This book was mentioned in Agents of SHIELD season 4 in the episode “Meet the New Boss”. MCU has moved on to its mystical adventures by introducing Doctor Strange and this book solidifies another connection to the mysterious world of magic.

 11. Coldblood- 7

Comic Book Characters In MCU
Comic Book Characters In MCU

Eric Savin was a brave soldier who sacrificed his life during a battle. He was resurrected as a cyborg named Coldblood- 7. The cyborg made a short appearance in the movies in Iron Man 2 as a bad guy where he tried to kill the president.

 12. Doctor Faustus

One of Captain America’s most dangerous enemies is Doctor Faustus aka Johann Fennhoff, an evil psychologist. He used his powers of manipulation, mind control, and memory erase to push Peggy Carter into insanity and to drive Sharon Carter to assassinate Cap. He was brought on screen in Agent Carter, as a Hydra recruit to brainwashed Bucky Barnes.

 13. Angar The Screamer

Angar was an activist who was given powers by Moondragon, daughter of Drax the Destroyer, in an experiment to kill Thanos. But he ended up becoming a villain and went to fight heroes like Daredevil. He had the ability to manipulate sound and harm his rivals with his screams. He was in Agents of SHIELD season 2 in the episode “One of Us”.

 14. Graviton

Graviton was the alter ego of Franklin Hall who accidentally got the ability to control gravity after being exposed to some particles. Franklin was introduced in Agents of Shield, an episode titled “The Asset”. It proceeded with the same storyline as the books but never showed Graviton after his lab accident.

 15. H.A.M.M.E.R

Comic Book Characters In MCU
Comic Book Characters In MCU

HAMMER was founded by Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin after he stopped by Skrull’s secret invasion on Earth. It was created with the idea to replace SHIELD. Of course, the organization didn’t last long due to Norman’s poor choice of agencies. However, it was given a subtle nod in Agents of Shield, Season 1, episode “The Hub”. Over there it was shown as a subdivision of SHIELD.

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