Avengers Comics Reveal The 4 MCU Characters Who Can Kill Phoenix Force

Fans first got to witness the Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes come together in the 2012 movie The Avengers. There were many parallels drawn from the Marvel comics to this narrative even though the MCU did make many changes. While the comics have gone with the wildest narratives possible, the movies actually plan to head there slowly in a very planned manner. There’s a lot that the comics have that can make for some of the most visually stunning narratives for the fans of the MCU. Recently we got to see the comics explore the Deathloks attack the Earth but there was another interesting discovery we made in the narrative. It seems that the pages of Avengers comics have revealed the MCU characters who can kill the Phoenix Force.

Phoenix Force

This entity has made multiple appearances in both the comics and the movies of the Marvel Universe. All these appearances have actually made it rather clear that it might be a strong enemy and an ally based on the circumstances. Fans of the X-Men movies saw two renditions of this entity make its appearances through Jean Grey. This has always allowed fans to wonder about which characters might be able to defeat her in a fight. But it seems the latest entry from Marvel might give us a fair idea about characters who might defeat the Phoenix Force.


Defeating Phoenix Force

MCU Characters Who Can Kill Dark Phoenix

When the Phoenix comes into her true powers, Avengers comics indicates the characters who will be able to kill this entity. The most exciting bit about this is the fact that the names taken are also known to the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This narrative unfolds right after the Avengers’ Phoenix Tournament as Echo is selected as the new host for Phoenix.


MCU Characters Who Can Kill Dark Phoenix

The narrative of Avengers #51 goes as follows:

Sent by the mysterious Avenger Prime from a great watchtower at the dark heart of all that is, the cybernetic soldiers known as the Deathloks have come to our Earth with a dire warning for the Avengers. But hunters follow close behind them to ensure their warning of megaversal doom is never delivered. The most Earth-shatteringly powerful hunters any universe has ever seen. And their first stop: the golden realm of Asgard.


Echo actually tries to work out means to get in control of the Phoenix Force based on data from the prior hosts. She uses the Avengers’ Celestial Base in order to assess the beings who are capable of destroying the cosmic force. Black Panther comes to her help but he initially suspects that she is doing this in order to prepare herself against potential threats. But it seems she is well aware of the threat that it can be and is actually looking at means of killing it before it becomes a massive danger.


MCU Characters Who Can Kill The Phoenix Force

Echo uses her powers of photographic reflexes when Black Panther shows her the Celestial database in order to enhance her abilities. This is when she asks him to show the data for “all beings with the power to kill the Phoenix,” and this leads to some rather interesting answers. The database reveals Thor, Scarlet Witch, Thanos, Odin, Molecule Man, the Living Tribunal, and the Beyonder. This is a means of letting us know of the power of certain heroes in the Marvel Universe. Fans were actually surprised to see Thor making it into the list considering defeating Galactus actually indicated an exciting power-up for him.


MCU Characters Who Can Kill The Phoenix Force

This entire revelation comes as an interesting point of view because past narratives have actually treated Phoenix Force as a nigh-omnipotent being. If we ever get the chance to see this entity making an appearance in the MCU then we can be sure of some heroes who can defeat it. Though Odin and Thanos might not be a part of the MCU anymore, Thor and Scarlet Witch will be quite helpful under such a circumstance.

Would you like to see one of these two taking on the Phoenix Force when it arrives? Let us know in the comments.

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