5 Marvel Villains Who Must Appear In Netflix Atleast Once

The MCU Netflix shows are going great and are being said to probably crossover with the comics too, here are some villains from the comics that definitely need to make it to the small screen:


A notable foe of Captain America, Crossbones is a big time villain in the Marvel comics. Having an in-depth knowledge in hand to hand combat, great intellect and somewhat of a cyber lord, Crossbones, if close to any kind of weapon is sure to cause tremendous carnage. He could be a great foe for The Punisher or Daredevil.

The Hood

This guy has his origin story tangled somewhat with Daredevil. While young, he witnessed a fight between Electro and Daredevil. Not to be taken lightly, this character has been there round the infinity stones, Dormammu and the Nord Stones. He has also been a crime lord of New York. Undoubtedly he could appear in Daredevil, not just as a connection with Daredevil’s past but also as an alternative to Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin.

The Owl

The Owl is one of the most formidable villains of Daredevil. It was great to see a sneak peek of the character in season 1 one the show, but his father only appeared as a confidant to the crime lord Wilson Fisk. The character after taking a serum gets the powers of, well an owl. He can then glide, has hollow bones, it could be great to see a metahuman taking on Daredevil in the upcoming season.


This guy, well is responsible for the murder of the entire Castle family and Frank Castle has every reason to be on to him. So should he appear in the show? Hell yes. If not as the primary antagonist, Jigsaw could sure be seen teaming up with Kingpin to take on the Punisher.



There is no one more deserving to be on the Netflix series than Bullseye. This is the guy, who killed two love interests of Daredevil. Karen Page as well as Electra, shattering Daredevil to his bones. Amongst the three top villains of the blind lawyer, the Hand, Kingpin and this asshole we’re talking about, two have already been introduced, so shall we expect the third season to bring Bullseye with it?

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