5 Superheroes Who Have Had Sex With Wolverine

Wolverine may be brooding and all angry, but the wildcat is also known to be quite a flirt and go all out with the ladies. He has had multiple affairs and hence multiple kids. here is a list of some of the women that the wild cat has bedded:


Wolverine and Storm flirting is nothing new in the comics. Both have been a part of the X-Men since long and have had quite a ride. But when Storm married the Black Panther, it seemed to have stopped… Only for a while though, as soon they divorced, and after that Wolvie and Storm started running the Jean Grey school together. Oh and got into each others’ pants too.

Black Cat

Felicia Hardy is quite a famous character in the Marvel universe, she’s more famous as her alter ego though. The Black Cat is known to be a constant flirtatious girl for Spidey comics, but that is nothing compared to what she has with Wolverine. The two have a pretty adrenaline rushing relationship with more flirting kissing and slashing that one can imagine.


Yeah, this one is the same Elektra Natchios, that was once DD’s girl. She found him in a beastly state and taught him how to be civil. However, in MC2 they went further than this, way further. They banged. And even had a daughter. How about that? It seems that Wolvie has a problem keeping his hands off other people’s girls.


She loves him, she hates him. He loves her, he hates her. This dude has quite a complex relationship. From being eternal enemies as one id in the Brotherhood of mutants while other an X-Men, these two have traded blows a whole number of times. But also have slipped into bed equal if not more number of times.

Jean Grey


Well, of course, she had to be ion this list. The one girl that poor old Wolvie desires but can’t have. This is because of the founding member of the X-Men, Jean is in love with cyclops. Though in alternate realities both have been together, the most notable time of them being together was in ‘Age of Apocalypse’ where Wolverine is missing a hand bu has Jean, with him. Worth it Wolvie? Definitely.

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