New Theory Suggests A Huge Arthur Harrow Twist In The Moon Knight Finale!

After 5 out-of-this-world episodes, Disney+ Moon Knight is coming to an end. And as the Director has already teased, it is going to be a twist-filled ride. And we think that one of those twists will change everything we know about Arthur Harrow. This theory suggests a huge Arthur Harrow twist in the Moon Knight finale that suggests that Arthur never set out to serve Ammit. Then why does he pretend? Check out our theory!
Disney+’s Moon Knight has been an unending ride with one twist after another and we are sure that the final episode will follow the trend. And among many others, we think a twist is coming that might change everything about Arthur Harrow. And this twist will involve his service to Ammit, or rather, his pretending to be in service of Ammit. The basis of this theory is the fact that Arthur Harrow is not the same as he was in the comics. So there’s no proof that he is in service of Ammit. He might just have a different master all along that we know nothing about.


In the comics, Arthur Harrow was a mad Auschwitz-connected scientist. But in the MCU, he is a cult leader. And lately, he has been a psychiatrist. So what stops him from being something entirely else. That’s where our theory comes in. We think that his service to Ammit is just a cover for Harrow to hide his real identity! So who really is Arthur Harrow? And what does he want?



There is a new genius theory that has been gathering a lot of supporters that suggest that Arthur Harrow is actually Anubis, the God of the Dead. Anubis is responsible for judging the souls of the dead and determining their final destination, the Aaru or the Duat. He does it using a scale, very much like how Tawaret did in episode 5 with Marc and Steven’s hearts. In fact, it should’ve been Anubis who weighed their hearts and mot Tawaret. But the reason for this can be found in the Egyptian Mythology where Anubis and Ammit were banished from the Ennead after their uprising to take over the judgment of the souls.


This banishment was the reason for Ammit’s imprisonment and Anubis’ expulsion into the mortal world. So now, according to mythology, Anubis is among mortals, so why can’t Arthur be him. And it’s not like we don’t have anything else to support this theory because Marvel might have been dropping hints to this twist, and we might’ve picked them up.



Let’s start with the beginning. Arthur talks about Ammit’s ability to judge an evil soul even if it has not committed its evil deed yet. So this would mean that Ammit possesses a sense of judgment, however, that is not the case in the mythology. Because if we go by that, it was Anubis who did that and Ammit was just the Devourer of the Souls. So Ammit was feared, not worshipped or served. Then, we see Arthur trying his followers using a scale tattoo, that further supports that he is the judge of souls, aka Anubis.


Also, we need to consider the fact that Harrow can raise Jackals from the solid ground, and Anubis literally has a Jackal’s head on her body. So it would make sense for her to call upon the mythic guardians, not a crocodile-headed Goddess. Another hint is the amount of power that Arthur holds. As Khonshu’s former Avatar, he shouldn’t be having any powers, but that’s not the case, leading us to believe that he may not be a normal human. But a mortal God, Anubis. These could be Marvel’s ways of hinting us at the huge Arthur Harrow twist in the final episode.


Another vague but apparent indicator was Tawaret’s confidence when she removed the hearts of Marc and Steven. It points to the possibility that it is not something she does daily. And that s the case in the mythology, where she is only a mere messenger and not the judge.



Moon Knight finale

This is a question that has been a mind-boggler. But this can be explained by the fact that Khonshu and Anubis were co-Gods until Khonshu parted ways with him because they didn’t agree on how to handle evil souls. So it would make sense if Khonshu would decide to make his friend’s mortal body his Avatar but later changed the dynamics after certain disagreements in the past.


There are many theories out there that try to explain Harrow’s origin and future. While most of them seem almost boring, this one seems just the right amount of sinister for a show this dark. This show has made us think about the present course of time multiple times in a single episode. So why won’t they follow the same trend in the last one? They might just go with a big bang by revealing Harrow to be Anubis. But this twist entails a possibility where Marc may not end Anubis, but the other Gods might end up imprisoning him. But that will be understood as only Gods can handle fellow Gods.

What do you think about this Moon Knight finale theory? let us know about it in the comments down.


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