4 Failed Relationships of Spider-Man That Made Every Fan Cry

Spider-Man’s list of girlfriends and flings is almost as big as Batman’s rogues’ gallery. It is not surprising to know that such a hero could have these many girls, but it is also true that Spider-Man has been the most unfortunate hero when it comes to girls. Here is a list of the women that have been involved with Spider-Man:

Kitty Pryde

Kitty and Peter had been in a relationship in the Ultimate Marvel universe. The two teenagers have a telephonic conversation and become attracted toward each other. But Peter after that googles to see if kitty is one of the hottest ‘X-Men’ after this the two get into a rebound relationship but break up after Peter and MJ reconcile. After Peter dies, Kitty feels really bad and imagines what would it have been like if the two could grow old together.

Felecia Hardy

There was a time when Spider-Man and Black Cat aka Felecia, who was also Peter Parker’s classmate were involved in an intimate relationship. Though confusing, this relationship was an ecstatic one, both fighting off criminals and high on adrenaline kissing each other. Where Peter was fighting off criminals like the Kingpin and Doc. Ock, she could be seen working alongside them, though both could be seen fighting criminals alongside and she trying to unleash Spidey’s wild side but after finding out that Spidey is actually Peter, she loses interest in him, leaving him emotionally broken.

Gwen Stacy

She is probably the most important character and the love interest that actually shaped what Peter Parker is like today. Gwen and Peter were an amazing couple, loving each other against all odds. Be it Peter’s Aunt May’s deteriorating health conditions or Gwen’s father issues. But the couple still had to face something worse, that would eventually end up killing Gwen. The Green Goblin, Norman Osborn killed Gwen Stacy and ended up giving us a totally new Peter Parker.

Mary Jane


It had to be her in the number one spot. Mary Jane was Peter’s best friend and had known his identity since almost the beginning. MJ was a carefree redhead who was way ahead than Peter’s league. But after the death of Gwen Stacy and Peter becoming more serious, MJ too became more serious in life as well as towards him. This is when Peter boldly kisses her for the first time. The couple eventually gets married and even has a kid. But to save Aunt May, Peter trades his married life with Aunt May’s life with Miphesto.

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