20 Amazing Plot Concepts That Were Executed Poorly In Movies

Over the years there have been various brilliant ideas that have been made into movies that have made a very massive impact in the viewers’ minds over the years. With the possibilities of massive funding, these projects have been realized into some amazing movies. These movies have taken a special place in the hearts of fans while some of them have gone ahead to get awards. There are also others wherein the idea was ruined by the way the final movie was executed. Let’s look at some of these movies with Amazing Plot Concepts but poor execution that has failed to communicate these ideas to the audience.

Cloud Atlas

The creators of Matrix coming together to give us a visual treat. But is it worth it?


This could have been Deadpool before Deadpool and yet somehow it isn’t.


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Zombie outbreak in victorian times. Exciting? Yes. Worth the watch? No.


Amazing Plot Concepts

A future world with no land but only water, and somehow you wish it had more water.



Based on the Disneyland experience, this movie goes to show it isn’t easy to make a theme park into a movie.


I mean we can’t really trust M Night Shyamalan, can we?


In Time

Logan’s Run in the future. And yet it was much worse than the original.


A good idea converted into a questionable plot. The rest is up for discussion.



David Ayer’s next big project after Suicide Squad didn’t really get any better.


Amazing Plot Concepts

A biological experiment weaved into a terrible story.



Supposed to be the next Lord of the Rings event. Couldn’t even come close.

Wonder Woman 1984

A cheesy take on the brilliant idea of wish-making.


The Lovely Bones

A brilliant book made into the worst possible adaptation doing no justice to the book.

The Percy Jackson Movies

It’s often better to read the book than go to the movies.


Death Note

It’s about time Hollywood realized it’s better not to make bad movies out of good anime.


A brilliant idea made into a mess of a movie with hardly any characters to relate to.


Gemini Man

This was supposed to be the next big Ang Lee project and yet it failed to impress almost anybody.

Were you disappointed with the way these Amazing Plot Concepts were executed? Let us know in the comments.

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