5 Crazy Things about Hawkeye That Prove He’s Pretty Bad-Ass

Out of all the members of The Avengers, Hawkeye has been the most underrated. He may not have the money and intelligence of Tony Stark or the superpowers of Hulk but Hawkeye has done some bad ass-ery during his time as a superhero. Here are 5 things he has done:

Hawkeye Joined The Circus As a Kid

After Clint Barton’s parents died in a tragic car accident, he and his brother Bernard were shifted to several orphanages. Both brothers decided that they had enough and joined the Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonders. It was at the circus he learned the art of archery after getting training from the original Swordsman and Trickshot.

Black Widow Broke His Heart

The Russian spy, Natasha Romanoff had wielded a spell on Clint from the moment they met. Hawkeye was in a vulnerable state at the time of their meeting as he struggled with life as a superhero. Black Widow easily manipulated him when she realized how infatuated with him. She convinced him to destroy the hegemony of Iron Man which he did willingly until he realized she was using him. He went on to save her life, only to end with her running away.

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